6 Reasons We Will Miss Having The Obamas In The White House

In January, a new president will be moving into the White House, and the Obama’s will be moving out. Here are a few reasons we are going to miss having them around:

1. Watching Sasha and Malia grow up

When President Obama first took office in 2009, Malia and Sasha were only 11 and 8 years old. Throughout his term we have been able to watch them grow from children into beautiful poised young ladies. Malia will be attending Harvard in Fall 2017, and the rest of the Obama family will remain in Washington D.C. after leaving office so that Sasha can finish high school with her friends.

2. Obama dropping the mic

If you haven’t seen the 2016 State of the Union address I suggest finding it on Youtube. You may be too busy to watch the whole thing, but fast forward to the end of President Obama’s speech. After concluding his remarks, Obama pulled the mic from the stand and dropped it, and then threw his papers in the air! Seriously, we have the coolest president ever!

3. Michelle’s White House Garden

We all know Michelle likes to live healthy, and she has gone above and beyond to try the nation in better shape as well. As part of her healthy lifestyle she put a full garden in at the White House, and even wrote a book about it titled “American Grown.” The White House hosts a Garden Tour twice a year where people are able to come on the lawn and walk around.

4. Michelle in General

If there is anyone who is the epitome of class it is Michelle Obama. She has handled her time in the White House with such elegance. She has been one of the most involved first ladies our nation has ever seen. She is also one of the most stylish women alive - even when she's just wearing a dress from Target.

5. Michelle and Barack are serious relationship goals

Being President and First Lady has to be two of the toughest jobs around, but Barack and Michelle have maintained such an amazing relationship between themselves, and with their family. You can always tell how much they love each other by the way they speak so highly of each other.

6. President Obama never quit fighting for us

These past 8 years have been some of the toughest this nation has faced. Despite it all,  President Obama hasn't given up on making a better country for the American people. This president has faced more criticism, backlash, and roadblocks than any other in modern time. Through all of the opposition he kept pushing for policies that would make the country better, and he never seemed to get too discouraged.

Almost all the media attention right now is on who will be President, but hopefully we can all take a minute to remember that our current President and his family are pretty amazing. Thank you for everything Barack, Michelle, Malia, and Sasha! We will miss you!