6 Reasons We Love Ellie Goulding

If you didn’t see Ellie Goulding earlier this month when she was at the Maverick Center, then you missed out! She has come to Utah several times, but this was her first time in a venue of that size.  She is currently on a world tour for her latest Album “Delirium” which is amazing! Although many know her simply as the singer of a song they listen to on the radio, there is so much more to her. Here are a few reasons I love Ellie, and you should too.

  1. She Is So Musically Talented


 Not only can she sing so well, she sound even better live! She can also play a lot of instruments. She started playing the clarinet when she was only 9, and can also play the guitar and drums. She played both of these at her concert.

2. She Is Serious Fitness Goals


Ellie is passionate about her health, and it definitely shows. She loves running, and tries to run at least 6 miles a day. She is also a really good dancer, which makes watching her perform that much more entertaining because she really puts on a show.

3. She Is A Normal Person


The only major purchase Ellie has made since becoming famous is a house. She claims to live on less than $10 most days.

4. She Has Cool Friends


Ellie has lots of famous friends including Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. She introduced Taylor Swift to Calvin Harris when the three were at the Brit Awards. She also tours with, and supports, really cool up and coming artists. Broods opened for her in Salt Lake, and it was amazing!

5. She Has A Song For Every Emotion


Ellie’s songs have extremely well written lyrics. No matter how you are feeling, chances are that Ellie has a song for you. A lot of people only know her more upbeat popular songs, but she has some really good slower songs. One of my favorites is “Dead In The Water”.

6. She Gives Back


Ellie has helped countless charities. In 2011, she ran in races benefiting the British Heart Foundation, and in 2012 she ran in another that helped under-privileged children in LA. She has also used her music to do good by donating a dollar of each mixtape sold to Free the Children charity in 2013. More recently she was involved in raising money for the Ebola crisis in Africa.

I hope by now you are convinced of how great Ellie Goulding is. Not only is she musically talented, she is also a good person. If you've been wanting new music lately, I suggest getting more of hers, especially the stuff that isn’t on the radio because it’s the best.