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6 Reasons to Not Bother Shaving Your Legs Anymore

Summer is a time in which girls obsess over removing their natural body hair, so that they can wear shorts outside and be deemed socially acceptable. Having smooth legs feels nice when you get under clean sheets, but is all the stress, torture, time, and money actually worth that one good feeling? Here’s why I decided to stop shaving my legs.

It saves time (and water)

Some people become speedy shavers after years of practice, but the general consensus is that shaving is a pain and takes way longer than it should. The average female shower time is at least one-half leg shaving. Shower time is much better spent daydreaming.

It saves money

Women’s razors are offensively overpriced (ever heard of the pink tax?) The Venus razors with the little Olay lotion bars are between $10-$15 for ONE RAZOR. To put that amount of money in perspective, a single dollar can get you four chicken nuggets at Wendy’s — meaning you could have at least forty nuggets in your body for the price of ONE razor. Think of all the food and clothes you could buy with the money you spend on razors each year.

It’s a subtle political statement

Embracing your natural body hair is a rebellion against oppressive beauty standards. Women are expected to shave, pluck, paint, or otherwise modify our bodies to avoid being shamed or looked down on. Deciding to stop shaving is a small thing, but it lets others know you don’t let silly standards control you.

You’ll help the environment

Disposable razors can’t be recycled, so they just sit in landfills once we’re done with them. Think about how many razors YOU go through in a year, then imagine how many other people in the US are doing the same thing. 

It’s one less thing to worry about

We all have a patch of hair we miss that freaks us out when we notice it. Worrying about getting every last hair makes shaving even worse than it already is. Also, stubble needs to be re-shaved every few days, which is a stressor none of us need to worry about in our already-busy lives.

You could inspire other girls to follow suit

Many girls may want to give up shaving their legs but are afraid to put their natural hair on display. If you don’t shave your legs, you can be an example to others who might need some inspiration from others to ditch the razor.


If you’re committed to having hairless legs, that’s perfectly fine, but giving up shaving for a little while is very liberating, and it might end up being something you want to continue. Embrace your body hair, ladies! It’s the easiest (and most cost-effective way) to fight the patriarchy. 

I'm a sophomore at the University of Utah majoring in Communications with a minor in Gender Studies. When I'm not studying or sleeping, I enjoy figure skating and listening to podcasts with my cat. 
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