6 Movies That Will Ease You Into Loving Horror

Horror movies seem to be the most divisive type - either you love them, keep up with every new one coming out, and enthusiastically pressure your friends into watching them with you, or you despise them and stubbornly refuse to see anything with so much as a spooky soundtrack. Despite the bad rap it gets for being tasteless and crude, the horror genre actually boasts some pretty amazing films. If you've been looking to get into horror but don't know quite where to start (and don't want to get stuck watching Saw levels of ick), here are some fun horror movies to start you off that won't scar you permanently. Probably.


1. It (2017)

The It remake is honestly my favorite horror movie, probably even my favorite movie of all time. Not only does it boast amazing actors (like Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard), the special effects and overall setting are incredible. The best thing about this movie, though, especially for those who aren't super into the horror genre, is how well it balances horror and comedy. Even if you're scared shitless one minute, you'll be laughing your ass off the next.

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2. Insidious

Another hugely popular movie, Insidious is a must-see for anyone who likes modern horror. Though it appears on its face to be a stereotype (family moves into house, house is creepy, kid is creepy, creepy shit ensues), it's done really well, and there a few iconic scenes you can't miss. Just beware of jump scares, especially when the family is sitting at the dining table. Thank me later.


3. Lights Out

I actually saw this movie on accident thinking it was an action movie, and let me tell you, it's 10x scarier when you're not expecting it. As you could probably guess from the title, the story centers around a monster that can only appear in the dark, and while that seems like a moot point (after all, what horror movie has the monster appear during the daytime anyway?) it weaves into the plot really creatively. While not as well-received as many others on this list, I think it's a fun, creepy movie.


4. The Witch

This one is unlike the others on the list in that it's not your typical jump-scare, haunted house horror. It's very psychological, so if you're not into that, back out now! However, if you're willing to give it a try, The Witch is an awesome, critically acclaimed film about a family turning on each other in the midst of a hellish crisis. It speaks to the religious blindness to truth that many experience, and even has some feminist undertones!

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5. Hush

A low budget film turned cult classic, Hush is also one of my top movies of all time. It centers around a deaf author who lives alone in the woods and, predictably, spirals into terror from there. My favorite part about this film is how relatable yet absolutely badass the female star is. It'll keep your on your toes the whole time, and friendly spoiler for those concerned from the get go: no, the cat doesn't die. Thank god.

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6. The Conjuring

Brainchild of horror master James Wan, The Conjuring stars genre powerhouse Patrick Wilson (also seen in Insidious) in a haunted-house classic set in the 70's. Though it follows some of the typical tropes in many horrors, it also features touching family dynamics and a hopeful ending. If it proves a thumbs up for you, good news - it's part of a sequel, and also ties into the Annabelle film series.

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As an avid fan of horror, I hope these movies can pique your interest in the genre, or at the very least, make you not absolutely despise it. Though just a miniscule sample of the horror films out there, these modern classics will provide a taste of the spooky, and hopefully entice you to seek out more!