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6 East Asian Female Rappers Changing the Game

There are so many dope female rappers in the U.S, but have you ever considered listening outside of that range? There are so many talented rappers all over the world, and in East Asia, these female rappers are changing the view on rap and hip hop. Venturing outside of your regular, day-to-day music tastes can be kind of scary, but give these women a chance to see what real bad ass-ery is like.

1. Yoon Mi-Rae

Half Korean and half African American, this woman is considered one of the best rappers in South Korea. She has a distinct soulful voice and a natural talent as a rapper. She’s also married to Korean hip hop legend, Tiger JK.

2. CL

Former leader/rapper/member of the infamous girl group, 2NE1, CL is now a solo artist. She’s cool, fashionable, and just plain old talented. After the disbandment of 2NE1, she is now expanding her music in the states.

3. Vava

I only found out about this extremely talented 22-year-old a few months ago; ever since, I’ve been hooked on her music. She was a participant on the show The Rap of China and has been gaining popularity since then. As a Sichuan native (my family’s province!), she incorporates her culture and upbringing into many of her songs.

4. Awkwafina

I’ll be surprised at those who don’t know who Awkwafina is. Born in Queens, New York, she’s cheeky and able to speak her mind. Her lyrics are bold and provocative and the beat is just downright good. She’s also going to be in the upcoming movie, Ocean’s 8!

5. Jessi

Born in New York, this bad ass rapper debuted in Korean in 2005. After 2009, however, she went on a 5-year hiatus, having trouble getting accustomed to Korean culture. In 2015, after participating in Unpretty Rapstar, she began to have more opportunities. Unlike most Korean rappers, her style is more Western. Her most recent release is the title track, “Gucci,” from her album, Un2verse.

6. Akko Gorilla

This is a quirky one. It’s hard to describe what this artist is like and there is not a lot about her background, but her music is definitely one to listen for. Unlike the other rappers in this list, she’s very cutesy and bright. Her music videos are also aesthetic, which doesn’t hurt.

Out of all the rappers on this list, you should check out…all of them! They’re all unique and are on another level of cool. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics, at least stay for the beat and the flow of the verses.


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