6 Boss Women You Need To Know Right Now

Ahh yes, my favorite time of year-- Valentine's Day (oh wait I’m thinking of Halloween -- never mind, Valentine's Day is the worst I remember now). It’s around this time most people start doting on the S.O. in their life, making reservations at overly hyped up restaurants. and clearing the grocery store shelves of the chocolate we single people need way more than they do. But if you’re like me (single….funny….. attractive...call me) you know what it’s like to go through a funk this time of year. We’re told to focus on that special someone, devote all our attention and shower them in gifts and affection. But what do you do if that "special of someone" is more in your imagination than in your bedroom? 

The absence of that S.O. can make you feel out of place during V-day (or as I like to call it, the height of cuffing season). But if you don’t have that special someone to spend the day with, don’t worry -- you’re never too old to crush on someone you’ll never meet but totally idolize (high school me is ready to shine).

So if you’re single but not really ready to mingle, I’m here to offer you a list of bad bitches around the world that you can give all your love and energy to this Valentines Day.

1. Her Campus Founders: Windsor Western, Stephanie Lewis and Annie Wang.

What would this list be without a shout out to the very people who made this article possible! These three boss ladies worked to develop a small Harvard lifestyle magazine into a national magazine that we know as Her Campus today. Windsor Western is the President and Publisher of Her Campus where she leads marketing, sales, and business development. Stephanie Lewis, our CEO and Editor-in-Chief, has expanded Her Campus into the 350+ campus branches that help make the magazine so diverse. Annie Wang is the Creative Director and CPO and works to make Her Campus the best it can be across every multimedia platform.

Each of these women have accomplished impressive business ventures and have been recognized by many for their hard work -- BusinessWeek included them in their 25 Under 25 Best Young Entrepreneurs list and Glamour Magazine included them in their 20 Amazing Young Women list.

2. President of University of Utah Ruth Watkins

The first female president of the University, Watkins was elected unanimously by the Utah Board of Regents in January! With several degrees in language and pathology, Watkins, a professor in the U’s Department of Linguistics, joins the ranks of women leading institutions of higher education around Utah.


3. Senator Kamala Harris

A senator for California since last year, this Democrat is raising eyebrows on Capitol Hill… in the best way possible. After fiercely questioning James Comey over the Russia allegations and more recently vowing to support a government shut-down if the DACA issue is not addressed, Harris has drawn the attention of Democrats and Republicans alike.  Harris focuses on criminal justice reform with a “smart on crime” mentality and inspires young women of color to run for office at every level. The buzz on Harris is heating up...do I smell a 2020 presidential candidate?

4. Abigail Disney

An advocate for women in the film industry, Disney spoke on a panel at Sundance a few weeks ago, and I got a chance to learn about her many endeavors. CEO and president of Fork Films, Abigail aims to spotlight work where women are the focus either behind or in front of the scenes, films like Hot Girls Wanted and Pray the Devil Back to Hell.


5. Jazzele Zanaughtti A.K.A. Ugly Worldwide

 A model and media influencer, I stumbled upon Ugly Worldwide scrolling through the explore page of Instagram. Instantly her unique style and sense of self captivated me and I had to know more. Bending the rules of gender and sporting cartoon eyebrows that change on a dime, I can safely say Ugly is a boss b#$%!.

6. Abbi Jacobsen and Ilana Glazer

If you haven’t heard of Broad City, you should stop what you’re doing right now and binge watch them on Comedy Central. These two boss ladies write, produce, direct and star in their show where they take New York City by absolute storm. Each episode attempts to encapsulate the female experience in modern society, and show the different ways that experience is made. An impressive mix of feminist endeavors, positive sexuality, and comedic gold, Broad City and these two women are making huge strides in the film industry.

So there you have it, now this Valentine's Day you can fangirl over these boss ladies and leave the smooching for the suckers *smirks*


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