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6 Alternative Things to do as a Single Gal on Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is usually a wicked awakening at how single you are when all your friends are out with their S.O. What’s a single gal to do on such a loving day like this? Should we croon out sad lullabies and drown in our big, fat tears? N to the O, here are some healthy alternatives!


1. Look forlornly at the couple sitting next to you at Olive Garden until they leave.

Their order of chicken alfredo and lasagna looked so much better than your measly order of mozzarella fonduta. At least you’ll know what to order next time.

2. Order a drink from Starbucks and stick in two straws.

A straw for you and… you again? Of course, two straws are better than one. Let’s just double the tastiness in your own mouth, amirite?

3. Buy a body pillow with your crush/favorite TV character printed on it.

Who needs a real person when your body pillow will do exactly what you want? Prop it up on a chair, and have a romantic candlelit dinner. Hold it, and waltz to your favorite song. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also a great cuddler, and will never steal your blankets.

4. Spray on men’s cologne or women’s perfume.

They just smell nice ok. Please let me live a little.

5. Shave one leg and pretend you are next to someone else.

Why would you just shave one leg? The only other “person” on my bed is my body pillow. I’d rather shave both and feel like a silky dolphin.

6. Do what you damn please.

After all, Valentine’s is just another day that passes by in a flash. Even if you don’t spend it with another person, that’s perfectly fine (and no, I’m not just saying this for self-comfort). Grab a drink with your gals and pals, bake a cake, eat that cake, do your homework, go skydiving, or order some fries for you and yourself.

There’s no point in hating Valentine’s when there are so many other options out there. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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