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It’s that time of year again; the weather is getting colder, holidays are in full swing, and the semester is coming to a close. That means finals are just around the corner, or for some of you already happening. If you’re like me, the few short weeks in between Thanksgiving and winter break are some of the toughest of the year. Your motivation is running low and you’ve pretty much flipped the switch in your brain to vacation mode. Yet these upcoming weeks are some of the most crucial when it comes to grades. Finals often have the power to make or break your grade, which can be a huge stressor. Luckily I have discovered some tried and true ways to help me de-stress during these upcoming weeks. Here are five of my favorites: 

Get Outside

Spending time in nature is my solution for practically everything. Whether it be taking a walk, going to a park, or going on a hike — anything to get some fresh air and clear your mind will be beneficial. Fortunately, snow has yet to hit Salt Lake this year, and the sun is still shining nice and bright. Take advantage of that! Being in nature and moving your body directly correlates to your mental health. So get up from the desk you’ve been hunched over all day and get outside. 


At this point in time, especially due to COVID, a lot of school-related things are online. I don’t remember the last time I had an assignment on paper. This makes unplugging especially difficult. Sure you can put away your phone and turn off the TV if you’re trying to get some studying in, but your computer stays glued in front of your face for a large part of the day. Try taking a half hour of your day and shutting off all of the screens. 

Carve out time for exercise  

One of the best ways to help your brain and body relax is to exercise. By “exercise,” I mean any activity that you enjoy that gets your body moving. That might be yoga, dance, lifting weights, or taking a spin class. There are endless options, and a lot of them won’t even take up an hour of your time. This is a perfect way to release some endorphins and take a break from your schoolwork. 

Get Organized

Being unorganized can be a huge stressor during finals. For me, starting the day with a to-do list can be a huge help in this department. Write down everything that you need to do for the day, personal and school related. You don’t need to feel pressured to complete everything, but this will help you visualize all of your tasks beforehand on paper, and you can check them off one by one. 

Spend time with friends 

Making time to see your friends during finals week is not only a way to have some fun, but also to talk with other students who are most likely stressed as well. This can make us feel less alone during such an isolating week of studying. 

However you choose to de-stress, make sure you take care of yourself this final season!

Hey i'm Camille! I'm a sophomore at The U studying social work. Before I moved to school I lived in northern California. I love the beach, the mountains, and writing!!
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