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5 Ways To De-Clutter Your Life

It's easy to let things build up over the years. Being in college leaves little time to go through old things and organize our lives. Clothes, books, papers, e-mails, and bad relationships can build up, and if we don't address them it can add unneeded stress. So, it's time for a little spring cleaning to make your life easier and simpler! 

1.  Clothes 

Clothes are amzing, which sometimes makes them hard to part with. Take some time to really go through your closet. Throw out any damaged or ratty items, then go through every item and if you don't love the item or need it in your life, put it in the donate pile. This can be hard to do at first since it's easy to make up excuses to keep clothes. Just be honest with yourself and ask what this item does for you. If it's nothing positive, get rid of it. After you start, it'll get easier!

2.   Personal Items 

Maybe you're still holding onto that teddy bear your ex got you, or you still have those pictures of you and those people you thought were your friends with. Again, if you have something that causes negative emotions to come up when you look at it, get rid of it. It does not serve any purpose. It can be hard to throw something out because that means it's really coming to an end. Throwing out negative things and things from the past is a good cleanse. Out with the old in with the new!

3.   Papers

You know all those old syllabuses and study guides for classes you have that you'll never need again? Yeah, those need to go. If you're worried you may need a paper down the road, make sure you back it up on your computer and then throw the paper copy out. 

4.   E-mails

Spend a little time going through unopened emails. Delete ones you don't need. If you find yourself opening an e-mail from a certain sender only to get rid of the notification and never actually read them, take your e-mail off their list. Nothing is worse than having junk mail sent to you and having to delete it multiple times a day. 

5.   People


It can be hard to accept, but if there is someone toxic in your life who is a bad influence or someone who doesn't treat you right, seriously consider cutting them out of your life. It's important to surround yourself with people that love and support you. Ending a bad relationship or friendship only makes room for people that are going to lift you up and make you happy, which you deserve!

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