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5 Unexpected Ways to Incorporate Bandanas Into Your Outfits

Growing up, my style changed a lot, as I can imagine many other people’s have. But somehow, through all of the different phases, fads, and styles, there was one piece that I have always found a way to throw into my outfits: bandanas.

At different times, people have often said they “couldn’t pull it off” themselves, to which I say you’re wrong. Perhaps this stems from the traditional conceptions of what characters have worn bandanas. However, the great thing about these pieces is that they’re cheap (you can literally find them at any dollar store), come in a variety of colors, and they add a small pop of color and pattern into an otherwise plain outfit. On top of this, with the current scarf trend, you now have more options than ever in terms of styling.

So, to kick start your bandana-inspired looks, here’s a list of 5 unexpected ways to incorporate them into your outfits.


As a belt

This is one of my favorite ways of styling a bandana because it is so unexpected. By either tying it around like an actual belt or just tying it to a belt loop, it gives a nice pop to any outfit. (Pro tip: tying two bandanas together makes it easier to wrap the whole way around your waist/hips)

Around your neck

This style puts a surprising spin on the classic ascot look. It’s also a perfect substitute for scarves in those warm summer months.

As a crop top

While this look might be a little much for any normal day, this look would be perfect for the pool or beach, festivals, or pretty much any summer day. If you also utilize some sewing skills, you can turn bandanas into any type of creation you can think of.

On your purse

If you’re a little weary of jumping straight into the bandana trend, this look is perfect for you. By putting it on an accessory, you can take it on and off as you please, while still giving off the same effect as if you would be wearing it on you. It also turns a plain and boring purse into something more exciting.

In your hair

While this is probably the most common way to wear bandanas, there are plenty of ways to tie, style, and change up the typical bandana-as-a-headband look. These include using bandanas as a headwrap, braiding them into your hair, or tying them around your bun/ponytail.

It’s easy to see how versatile and stylish something that costs close to a dollar can really be. And hey, what do bikers, cowboys, Aunt Jemima, and you all have in common? They can all pull off a look with a bandana.


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Emily is currently a senior studying Marketing with double-minors in Writing & Rhetoric Studies and Political Science. Following her undergraduate studies, she hopes to attend law school. Aside from schoolwork and Her Campus, Emily participates in Greek life, student government, Women in Business, and the American Marketing Association. She is also an avid skier, camp counselor, and a part-time fashion blogger.
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