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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

With the rise of Instagram stardom as a legit path to fame, we’ve also seen the success of fashion and beauty brands that have capitalized off this trend. Through influencer programs, many companies have set up consistent exposure and advertising on one of the web’s most used social media sites. Though there are many well-known brands that take part in this trend, one of the biggest and most well known is arguably Fashion Nova. Modeled by beautiful women with curves the average person could never hope to attain (certainly not with my gym routine, anyway), Fashion Nova has become a household name, and secured partnerships with celebrities such as Amber Rose, Blac Chyna, and more. While most of their clothes are pretty average and trend focused, every once in a while, you can find some truly RIDICULOUS s**t on their website, which usually gets mocked to no end in tweets like the ones below: Understandably so, because really, stop trying to make underbutt happen. Luckily for those of you who enjoy a good laugh, this jean creation is not the only monstrosity to grace the pages of their shop. Here are 5 more fashion disasters that Fashion Nova has produced as of late, and the links to buy them, if you so choose. It’s a free country, I guess.


1. Big Bird’s Sexy Cousin

In case you’ve ever wondered how to possibly combine your love for canary yellow with semi-professional clubwear, you now have an answer. And if anyone makes fun of you, you can just fly away, because you’re a f**king butterfly or whatever.


2. The Shoe-Pant Enigma

This one goes out to all the kids who used to wear those knee-high Converse in middle school. Now you can enjoy a fashion-forward version of your passion for shoe-pants, but in the short version, because you know, it’s summer and all. Alternative title: Lorsets (Leg Corsets).


3. Thomas Jefferson: Stripper Edition

For those days when you want to overthrow the tyrannical British government but still show some tasteful tiddy.


4. I Am Not Going Pee the Entire Night

Can you imagine the dedication it takes to put this piece of clothing on your body? And the type of body this would require to not look like a trussed up turkey on Thanksgiving? At best, you’re looking like a sexy tennis shoe.


5. I Am Who I Am

I mean, like, I’m not saying I wouldn’t wear it, but I would also seriously question anyone who did?

I’m not here to s**t on anyone’s style, but I think we can all agree that fashion has definitely produced better products. Honestly though, if you can pull any of this off, more power to you. I, personally, can only hope to be the type of person that can confidently walk into the club wearing shoelace shorts.


*All images sourced from fashionnova.com

Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor