The 5 Things You Hate About Your BFF's Roommate As Told By Friends

It can be tough living with roommates, but almost everyone has to do it at some point in their lives. What’s even tougher is putting up with your best friend’s roommate… the struggle is real. There’s no handbook on how to pick the perfect roommate, let alone one your friends will like. Unfortunately, due to your conflicting interests, sometimes you and your friend’s roommate end up at each other’s throats. The tension is so thick that you feel uneasy when you're in your bestie’s home. If you're both under the same roof, your skin is crawling with anxiety. Your best friend’s home is no longer the place you go to relax and scavenge for food (knowing there won’t be much in the fridge to begin with; maybe they got pizza rolls hiding in the dark abyss of the freezer?). But back to the priorities, like coffee, orange couches, and Jennifer Aniston - here are the 5 things you hate about your bestie’s roommate…


1. They Take Advantage of Your Bestie


Your BFF is that nice person who will throw a birthday party for their roommate, only to have said roommate not appreciate the time and effort... and yet your bestie forgives them... ugh!


2. Their Friends Are Always There


When they have friends over and create compromising situations for you... squad vs. squad... awkward.


3. They Have No Manners 


When they leave a giant pile of dishes in the sink and do nothing about it, where am I supposed to put my dirty dish?! 


4. They Avoid Interactions


Let's face it, the only thing you and your bestie's roommate have in common is your BFF, other than that there's not much room for small talk *sigh*


5. They Don’t Like You

What's not to like? I am a *Ross Finger* delight! 


So you and your bestie's roommate don't get along? So you guys aren't friends? But does it really matter? I mean the person you're visiting is YOUR best friend. The one who knows what it's like to be you, someone to face the day with, make it through all the rest with, someone you'll always laugh with even at your worst. They'll be there for you