5 Things You Can Do to Step out of Your Comfort Zone

We are at a time in our lives where society, our parents, educational administrators, and colleagues expect us to know what we want to do with our lives. Better yet, they expect us to know what we’re doing with our lives at this moment! While we strive to fit the mold of what we’re supposed to be, we lose the core of who we already are. There is nothing wrong with maturing, or growing mentally, physically, and emotionally. But while we grow within the comfort of what is expected, it may be beneficial to understand ourselves outside of said comfort. Possibly by diving into the unknown, we may discover more to ourselves and realize just how much we’re capable of doing. Here is a list of five things you can do to help you get out of your comfort zone.


1. Trying new food

Taste buds change every five to seven years, so consider revisiting a dish you did not like before. Sushi I was wrong about you. *Whispers* I love you.


2. ​Listening to different genres of music

Every genre has its benefits, and we can make the most of them by mixing up our playlists every once in awhile. Not only does it allow us to encounter new favorites, but our physical and psychological health may be positively affected too.


3. Exploring your state/city/neighborhood

Whether you lived in the same state your whole life, or recently moved to a new one, go out and explore the place you call home. You might find something new just around the corner (maybe about yourself too). To give get you started, check out these suggestions.


4. Getting a makeover

Perhaps a haircut? New wardrobe? Maybe a new shade of lipstick? Don’t make the change for others, do it for yourself. This new look could, not only boost your confidence, but it will give you the opportunity to put yourself first and that’s the best kind of makeover.


5. Meeting new people

I know, I know… this may be the biggest, “out of your comfort zone” challenge. But just go out of your way to say hi to someone new—maybe sit next to somebody you don’t know (literally anyone), or if that’s too much, consider joining a club or getting involved in volunteer works. Explore things you like to do and you may find yourself surrounded by a whole community who relates to you, and that opens a door to a lot of possibilities.


Stepping out of our comfort zones is a journey that will not be empty of challenges, but it is worth the risk—worth a dose of bravery. Stepping out of our comfort zones is not meant to scare us, but allow the opportunity to discover a part of ourselves that we haven’t explored. We may find that the grass is greener on the other side, but there is only one way to find out. It starts with believing in ourselves, and the rest should be a piece of cake... hopefully.


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