5 Songs To Add To Your Fall Playlist

Every year, as soon as the first leaf falls from the trees, I have an overwhelming need for new music to accompany the new (and best) season. Autumn seems like the perfect time to discover new tracks, so here are five songs to dance, sing, and cry to, all in one convenient place. 


Human by dodie

This tune follows a soft melody through staccato plucks on a ukulele as dodie (otherwise known as Dodie Clark or doddleoddle from YouTube) moves her way through her piece. She is accompanied by Tom Walker, a male vocalist whose voice add a depth and contrast that makes each line ring. Dodie’s quiet, British accent plays with each syllable, as she brings her audience into her bright, still world. 


Ghost Duet by Louie Zong

This short, simple song was originally uploaded to Twitter by user Louie Zong (check it out, it’s dangerously adorable). It depicts two, very cute, ghosts singing their hearts (or lack of) out into an old-fashioned microphone. Ghost duet is a simple, harmonic tune sang over top of easy guitar strumming and a slow beat. Landing at exactly one minute in length, this bop is one that will be stuck in your head forever. 



Saw You In A Dream by The Japanese House

The Japanese house, consisting solely of singer-songwriter Amber Bain, is full of electric beats and complicated melodies, and Saw You In A Dream is no exception. This track makes your head bob and your foot tap as you feel you way through its depths. Bain’s vocals are unparalleled in the music industry; her low, narrow tone sliding smoothly through this piece, ranging from perfectly autotuned and synthetic to natural husk in the blink of an eye. You will not be disappointed with any music The Japanese House has to offer.


Reasons Not To Die (Demo) by Ryn Weaver

Ryn Weaver’s unique voice is pushed to its limits in her brand-new demo track, Reasons Not To Die, as she pours out her heart and soul. This track is one big ball of relatable emotions, intricately, woven into a powerful melody and repetitive plucking of the piano. Weaver bears all, diving into the heavy, yet relevant topic of mental health, offering her listeners a look into her life. The lyrics in this song are clever and poetic, and I, for one, was left sobbing in the corner. So, listen at your own risk.


R.E.M by Ariana Grande

Do I even need to tell you why you should be listening to Ariana’s newest album, Sweetener? It is a work of art, and, in my highly unqualified opinion, R.E.M is the best song from an already perfect record. This track is a light-hearted, bouncy piece with a beat to you can’t help but sway to. Grande’s harmonies create are dreamy, dripping with soul and rhythm. She drops a steady beat throughout and pulls out all the runs, as only Ariana Grande can do. You won’t want this track to end, so get ready to hit that repeat button.


I hope these songs make it on your playlist, now go sip your pumpkin spice latte, and enjoy some easy listening. 


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