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5 Sites You Should Have Bookmarked For Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and before you know it finals will be over and you will be home with family. Until then we are spending our nights in the library and holding on to a Starbucks, and as much as this gets us into the Christmas spirit we have a few other ways to do just that.

Check out the Her Campus Holiday Gift Guide: This has everything we have ever wanted from tech to food. Some of my favorites from these guides are this coffee book and this awesome shirt. The guide is great for finishing off my shopping list as well as adding a few more items to my own home.

Google Santa Tracker: If you haven’t already stumbled upon this site it has fun games and a map of Santa’s Village. This site also has a countdown to Christmas where you can watch Santa get ready for his big night! 

Elfster: This site will help you organize and set up all of your secret Santa needs. The entire site is automated so that after you invite your participants it will email out who has who. This is great especially with large groups! 

Snow Globe Winter Christmas: Download this app for a beautiful snow globe that you can carry with you all the time. You can even change up what is inside!

Jib Jab:If you love a good laugh and want to share some with friends and family head over to Jib Jab and create your own dancing holiday card. This is a great way to kill some time while you are waiting in line for your coffee. 

We hope that some of these sites help you get through finals and bring you that much closer to Christmas!

I am a current journalism student at the University of Utah. I have spent my years in college studying, traveling, and writing. I am a campus writer for the University of Utah and have my own blog Beautiful Detour. If I am not on campus I am hopefully off in another country meeting new people...or lying in my bed under a million blankets watching that day's netflix binge.