5 Satisfying Things To Watch

Hello, collegiates! With so much going in our day to day lives, it can feel like the world is falling apart or everything is utter chaos. I can strongly relate to your high levels on anxiety, no worries to help manage the daily dose of stress I have compiled a few videos that will make you feel like all is right in the world. Things that just go together perfectly, fit together just right, or are just overall relaxing to watch. These videos calm your mind and make you feel good, since real life is usually chaos in comparison. The types of videos below use science, expertise, precision, math, and just overall fun to create a sense of peace and happiness for all who watch them. This list was arranged in no particular order, except for slime, which I put at number one because why not? 

1. Slime Videos 

Slime is probably one of the most popular categories on the internet when it comes to satisfying videos. Many teenagers and children watch slime videos and recreate slime recipes at home. I understand why. Mushing down parts of it and creating designs in it are so entertaining that I hope to purchase some special slime on Etsy someday to squish around for fun! 

2. Floral Foam Crushing Videos

I haven't tried this in real life, but I hope to try it someday... one can dream.  My very favorite are the glitter videos, even though I bet they make a horrible mess. Floral foam, especially the wet kind, reminds me a lot of bubble wrap for some reason. Bubble wrap is always begging for you to pop it and wet floral foam must always be crushed! No exceptions!

3. Bubbles 

I don't know what it is about bubbles that is so fascinating! Maybe my childhood nostalgia? Maybe it's that they all have tiny rainbows inside of them or that they wiggle and float? But we all loved blowing bubbles as kids and just watching them float away and pop. As an adult, you need a little more than that to enjoy bubbles and that's where these videos come in. People who can do amazing tricks with bubbles, tricks you never imagined, are hard not to watch.

4. Power Washing 

Power washing videos are so enjoyable to wash because it takes something really dirty and with just a hose makes it clean and almost brand new again. It's so easy to do and so effective that it creates a sense of peace to watch it.

5. Magnet Videos 

A lot of these satisfying videos are heavily science related. Magnets are a particularly interesting type of science to watch. They have very specific rules, yet they can do so many crazy things. You don't want to look away.



So there you have it, collegiettes. Play one of these videos the next time you need to take a minute to de-stress from your busy school or work schedule. I know I will!


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