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5 Reasons Why Ben Higgins Was The Best Bachelor Yet



If you’re like us, you now have a huge gap in your Monday night schedule due to the ending of the Bachelor…aka depression kicks in. Spring Break is over and The Bachelor? What are we supposed to look forward to? I guess Hulu reruns each week will have to suffice.

Since this life-saving show has ended, not only do we, “bachelor groupies”, have a new envy of Lauren B’s future life, but also a new high expectation for our future fiancés. Take notes, boys.

Thank you, Mr. Ben Higgins.

1. He’s Handsome

Who doesn’t love some good Monday night eye candy? I mean, look at that face. Tall, dark, and handsome never looked so good.


2. His Personality

Not only did he look good on the eyes, but also sounded good to the ears. I mean, everything he said to the ladies during the Women Tell All was noteworthy. He was goofy and playful, yet honest and serious when he needed to be. He was a gold medal listener and wasn’t a tool with his 20 billion abs-focused shower scenes.

3. His Relationship With Each Woman

What other bachelor received good praise from all the women? He made each girl feel special in the way that was most important to her, personally. What a solid guy. Genuine compliments from a handsome face? There is nothing better. Couldn’t we all use that in our life?

4. He’s Great With Kids

Did anyone else’s mouth drop when Ben was playing with the kids? Or how about when he was comforting the crying little boy that was sitting in the corner? Tears. I probably would’ve proposed right there if I were Amanda and saw Ben playing with my kids on the beach.

5. He’s a Family Man

Who calls to ask for her Father’s Blessing right before he proposes?! Yes, you heard me right. He has done something no other Bachelor has done before. Ben Higgins has done it all. What a great guy. He not only included Lauren’s parents, but also valued his parent’s advice every step of the way. Plus, we’re always told to marry someone with lovely parents…looks like Ben will turn out great!

So has there been, or ever will be, a better Bachelor than Ben Higgins? Absolutely, 100% NO. Fathers want their daughters to marry someone like him, mothers want a son-in-law like him, and women adore him.

We love you, Ben. Lauren, you’re a lucky girl!

(By the way, I’ll be first in line if they don’t work out, of course.)








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