5 Reasons to Study Abroad


The University of Utah has an incredible Learning Abroad program that sponsors trips all year long to destinations literally everywhere. No matter your major Learning Abroad can help you find a program that will benefit your studies. They also have many scholarship opportunities for students who are worried about financing a trip to a foreign country. If you’ve ever even considered studying abroad you have to go sit in on a Learning Abroad 101 session. The knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions and get you on the right path to finding the perfect option for you!



Traveling is expensive, and it’s really hard to do while being a full-time student. So, solution, take your courses abroad! There are many different options for length and cost in learning abroad. Now’s the time to go while you might still be able to convince your parents to help you and you can apply for scholarships. The world is incredible and you’re doing yourself a huge dishonor by not taking advantage of exploring it.



Immersion and practice are the keys to learning another language. How many of us have sat through semester after semester of French and Spanish classes and yet feel inadequate in the language? Learning abroad is probably the best way to learn another language. You will be surrounded by it – forced to speak it. It’s insanely intimidating at first but your ears will adjust and you’ll pick up that accent faster than you thought possible.  Not every learning abroad destination will have a different language – but if you get the chance to extend your vocabulary via another language, why not!?


4.       RESUME

Building off reason number 3, do you even realize how many possibilities open up if you can speak more than one language? The opportunities for people who are knowledgeable about other countries’ cultures are innumerable. A semester abroad could put you steps ahead of everyone else in life. Success here you come!


5.       MEMORIES

You are young. You are physically, mentally, and financially able to travel the world if that's what you really want. This is the time to see the world before you have more responsibilities than you know what to do with. I promise you that leaving home for a week or a semester, or any amount of time really, will change your outlook on life! Go experience everything you can so when your kids ask you if they should study abroad you can whip out some pictures and share some stories that will light a desire to learn and travel.