5 Reasons to Let the Fab Five into Your Heart

If you have internet access in 2018, you’ve probably heard or seen a lot about Queer Eye. The show is  a reboot of the early 2000s’ Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Queer Eye, and a Netflix original reality show that follows five gay men (known as the “Fab 5”) that give struggling people massive makeovers. Although, the reboot goes even deeper than the original Queer Eye, and works to help people open their minds and find self-acceptance. Queer Eye is the feel-good show the world needs right now. If the premise of the show isn’t reason enough to start watching, here’s a list of things to love about Queer Eye:

  1. It challenges and deconstructs toxic masculinity.

Most of the shows male clients are forced to take a long hard look at themselves and how they’re living their lives. Men are taught to embrace grooming, self-care and, more importantly, how to open up and be vulnerable.

  1. Every episode has nuggets of life wisdom.

At least a few times per episode, a member of the Fab Five will drop a life-changing line. Tan once discussed the importance of self-care and putting an effort in every day for yourself and the people you love, while Bobby taught a client that your past doesn’t have to come with you, and that only your present and future are important. You’re going to want to take notes while you watch!

  1. It’s eye-opening and educational.

The show’s clients are all from Georgia and are of a demographic rarely seen on mainstream television. Many of the men are southern stereotypes, but the Fab Five are able to find common ground with them and become friends. The big-city show hosts and their rural southern clients educate one other of new perspectives and open each other’s minds.

  1. The Fab 5’s advice is actually applicable for everyone.

Antoni always provides clients with easy and amazing recipes. Bobby delivers tips on how to spruce up your personal space. Tan has clothing hacks for every body type (hello French Tuck!). Johnathan will teach you beauty on a budget, and Karamo will boost your self-esteem with words of wisdom. The boys give advice to their clients, but it’s just as applicable for viewers.

  1. It brings together people from all walks of life, and celebrates/showcases diversity.

Even within the Fab Five there is great diversity. All the boys are from different backgrounds and have vastly different stories and experiences. The show shines light on their various struggles and the ways they are different, as well as alike. There is also diversity among their clientele – differences in race, sexuality, upbringing, gender, class, political affiliation, and more – which are explored and celebrated.

At first glance, Queer Eye might seem like any other makeover reality show, but it’s so much deeper and more enjoyable than that. Both seasons of Queer Eye are available on Netflix, so start watching and let the Fab Five into your heart.

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