5 Must-Try Restaurants In Washington, D.C.

So you just accepted an internship offer to spend the summer in Washington, D.C. You're excited to learn more about a new career, to make new friends, and to see a new city. A big part of seeing a new city is seeing its restaurants, and lucky for you, Washington, D.C. has several options. Read on for five spots that knocked my socks off during my summer internship in the city.  

1. Founding Farmers 

My roommates had assured me that Founding Fathers was worth the hype, but I didn't believe them until we tried it ourselves. The fried chicken and waffles, served with mac and cheese and greenbeans, is truly one of the best meals I've ever had. 

2. Tiger Fork 

Though slightly spendier than Founding Fathers, Tiger Fork is easily some of the best Chinese food I've ever had. Located in a historic alley covered in colorful murals, grabbing dinner at this trendy restaurant makes for the perfect low-key night out with friends. Meals are served family-style, so you can share several entrees with your companions (be sure to order one per person, however — portions are somewhat small). Try the frog legs with Meyer lemon puree for a one-of-a-kind appetizer and the bubble waffle for a unique dessert. 

3. Nando's

Okay, so I'm cheating a little bit here — Nando's is a chain restaurant that is not unique to Washington, D.C. However, Nando's is also not available in Utah, and I have yet to see a location on the West Coast. Considering how delicious their PERi-PERi chicken is, this is truly a shame. Stop by for a bite of their signature marinated chicken the next time you're near Gallery Place and want an affordable dinner with friends. 

4. Clyde's


Clyde's, much like Founding Farmers, is a D.C. staple. My roommates and I enjoyed an amazing dinner at the Gallery Place location just a few days before I moved back to Salt Lake, and it's truly one of the best meals I had in the city. Plus, the service there was amazing — I seriously considered leaving our server a thank-you note on my receipt because he was so sincere and friendly. Try the steak tacos for lighter fare or one of their burgers the next time you find yourself in the neighborhood. 

5. I-Thai

I had a random plate of pad thai at I-Thai in Georgetown during my time in D.C., and it ended up being some of the best pad thai I have ever had. Stop by for a generous helping of noodles the next time you find yourself in Foggy Bottom. 

The restaurants you visit during your internship experience in Washington, D.C., can be as exciting as the internship itself. Be sure to visit any of these five dining hotspots the next time you're craving an amazing meal in our nation's capital. Happy dining, collegiettes!


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