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The 5 Best SLC Metaphysical Shops for Appropriating South Asian Cultures

​Do you love oils, crystals, candles, and yoga? Do you have Buddhist and Hindu figurines around your house despite knowing little to nothing about those religions? Do you relate a little too much to Portlandia’s hippie stereotypes? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this list of stores might pique your interest. 

1.Turiya’s Gifts – 1569 1100 E

Turiya’s carries every kind of crystal in every size and shape imaginable. If you’re wondering where your favorite hippie bloggers get their gorgeous reflective stones, this is the place you’re looking for. They also carry candles, incense, and other multipurpose, wonderful smelling things. There’s an abundance of Buddha statues and other decorative pieces you can buy to pretend that you’re part of a religion and culture you don’t belong to for the sake of feeling spiritual. Their website is turiyas.com.

2. Crone’s Hollow – 3834 Main St

Crone’s Hollow has every herb and crystal a witch could hope for. This store focuses on witchcraft, but your desire for improving your hippie image with incense and essential oils can still be fulfilled here. This place is just as much an experience as it is a store – they have psychic readings, Ouija board classes, and full moon rituals. Their website, croneshollow.com, includes all of their upcoming events.

3. Awakening Heart – 1956 1100 E

Located right next to an old laundromat, this eclectic shop has books, decorations, candles, jewelry, and more. They carry books on every spiritual or metaphysical topic you could think of. What most clearly sets this store apart is that they make custom natal astrological charts, so you can figure out which planets to blame for your issues. You can set up a psychic reading or astrological chart interpretation appointment at awakeningheartslc.com

4. Dancing Cranes – 673 E Simpson Ave

If you love pretending to be a Buddhist, and decorating your house as if you were, this is the store for you. Dancing Cranes has imported clothes, decorations, incense, and even those little wind chimes you put outside your house so all your neighbors can hear how spiritual you are. You can shop at their in-person location or at shop.dancingcranesimports.com.

5. Golden Braid Books – 151 S 500 E

A self-proclaimed “sanctuary for conscious living”, Golden Braid Books is a bookstore that primarily sells goods related to the metaphysical, including oils, pendulums, astrology books, and more. They have a staff of experienced psychics who do readings by appointment. Golden Braid gets bonus hippie points for being located next to Oasis Café, a popular restaurant with lots of vegetarian and vegan options. You can make a psychic reading appointment or learn about upcoming events at goldenbraidbooks.com

Get out there, heal yourself with crystals, light some candles, and balance those chakras. 

I'm a sophomore at the University of Utah majoring in Communications with a minor in Gender Studies. When I'm not studying or sleeping, I enjoy figure skating and listening to podcasts with my cat. 
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