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Although the U.S presidential elections have simmered down, the Associated Students of the University of Utah (ASUU) is just getting started with its elections. ASUU represents all of the students at the university through various boards that consist of anything from academic affairs to sustainability. The main funding for ASUU comes from student’s tuition each semester so you as a student are an important part in helping run ASUU. Have your voice heard by being an active part of ASUU not only benefits you on campus but also helps you have a say in where your money is going.


So how do you get involved, you ask? Simple. Start by texting ‘ASUU’ to 53535 and you will be added to the text message list to receive alerts from ASUU and stay in the loop. Next, if you want to volunteer you can join a board, a club, or even run for office. To make your life a little easier, there is an involvement form you can fill out so you can be informed of any upcoming events and opportunities for you to part of ASUU.


Elections for the 2013-2014 school year have just begun. Be actively involved in understanding the different campaigns and ask to help promote a campaign that really interests you. The students who are elected have the power to change the way the campus is run. If you don’t like the parking situation on campus, or would like to see different food options in the Union food court, the main way to see these changes is through ASUU.


ASUU is one of the strongest student organizations in the nation and has gotten to be this because of the students that are part of it. Take a stand and be part of an effective movement. Be part of ASUU.

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