4 Treats That You NEED to Try in Disneyland This Spooky Season

If you have read some of my past articles you would see they have been more about relationship topics, but with heartbreak comes the indulgence of food, especially when you go to Disneyland for the weekend and consume a number of calories that make you question how you are even alive at the end of it all. I love food, I love talking about food, I love eating food, I just love it, so why not write about it? I know a lot of people who are going to Disneyland this season or have already been, so here is my short review of the best treats I tried while I was in the most magical place on earth that you can experience if you are visiting!

“Coco” Churro

Right next to Thunder Mountain Railroad there is the classic churro stand you see all over Disney Park, but this time of year they have reinvented the classic churro into the Coco movie theme where the churro is covered in bright orange and yellow sugary goodness with a frosting dipping sauce that has incorporated edible glitter. That’s right... EDIBLE GLITTER! You can enjoy this magical treat while being surrounded by amazing Day of the Dead characters from the movie.

Monsters Inc. Cotton Candy

You might think that cotton candy is just cotton candy anywhere but during this spooky time of year, they have what looks like the main Monster, Sully's, fur as a sweet treat! Light blue with purple spots that have been freshly spun will have you receiving flashback to popping in that VCR and watching the classic Monsters Inc movie as a kid. Essentially, it’s edible fur on a stick!

The “Poison Apple”

Disney is well known for their creative caramel apples but this time of year they have incorporated the iconic poison apple that puts Snow White to rest until true love's kiss, (when can this happen to me?). A delicious green apple covered in caramel with a layer of white chocolate in the shape of a skull is terrifyingly delicious! Now only if this can bring us our true loves kiss as well... I will get back to you on that.

The Cozy Cone Ice Cream Cone

I probably shouldn’t be reviewing this one because I'm lactose intolerant and this ice cream cone is probably the biggest amount of soft serve I have ever indulged in but here I am... aching on the inside. It was well worth it by the way, and if you pay an extra 99 cents they cover it in “spooky” black and orange sprinkles from top to bottom. If you want to indulge in this creamy treat you can head to Cars Land where they have Sally’s Cozy Cone hotels all lined up filled with different spooky treats!

Just a word of advice, don’t even bother counting your calories.