4 Healing Crystals to Add into Your Life

The magic and mystery surrounding crystals have been studied for a long time. Crystals historically were used by many cultures, including the Ancient Egyptians who used them in jewelry to aid in protection, health, and forming a connection to ancestors and the earth. Some crystals were even used to make makeup and instruments. Today crystals have regained popularity and continue to become more mainstream. Adding crystals to your life can add a sense of magic to your everyday and can help in creating meaningful thoughts and behaviors. Here are 4 beauties to add to your collection:

  1. 1. Carnelian

    This red-orange stone is an energy stone which can give the wearer a boost in energy. No wonder it looks like a bright sunrise. Carnelian also balances the body and stimulates power, stamina, good luck, prosperity and aid in motivation. This stone’s power is considered so strong that it is warned against leaving it in your bedroom, it won’t help you sleep! I recommend keeping this stone around a home entrance, or near your study area.

  2. 2. Selenite

    Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, this white or clear crystal is known for its healing and energizing properties. Selenite also happens to be my favorite crystal. Sometimes referred to as “liquid light,” selenite is one of the few crystals that can cleanse other crystals. Selenite is also great in spiritual cleansing and providing the user with protection, clarity, and renewed focus.  Be careful to not get this crystal wet though, as it will dissolve. I love to keep selenite near my bed on my side table, to keep my dreams positive.

  3. 3. Carborundum

    Carborundum is a great crystal for anyone who loves the look of holo. This black and rainbow crystal is believed to align and balance all 7 chakras. Carborundum also is said to help ward against evil and help you regain an overall calm energy to your daily life. Place this crystal near any entrance such as a doorway or window to help positive energy flow in and block out negative energy.

  4. 4. Larimar

    Larimar is a beautiful soft blue stone that carries the energy of the ocean. It is no surprise that it looks like calming ocean waves. Larimar is a great crystal for women because it is said to awaken your inner goddess. This stone promotes relaxation, serenity, and tranquility. Larimar is great to clear any blockage with communication and can provide strength and courage. 

With so many crystals to explore, it can be hard to get started. Don’t fear there are plenty of online resources such as Pinterest and guide books including The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. Personally, growing my crystal collection has helped me find an inner calm and focus on myself. Happy crystal shopping!