4 Female Artists to Add to Your Playlists

This summer, as I curated new playlists and went to a few concerts, I began to realize that the majority of the music I listen to tends to be primarily male-dominated. As a proud feminist, a writer for Her Campus, and an avid fan of discovering new artists, I was shocked that I had let this inequality enter my Spotify listening habits. So, after this realization, I decided to look into finding new artists and re-listening to musicians that I used to follow. As a result, I found these four artists who create great music, and just so happen to be female-identifying. 

  1. 1. The Aces

    Originally from Provo, this indie pop group features songs with strong bass lines and an electronic edge. The Aces specialize in anthem-esque tracks that echo themes of relationships and heartbreak. The Aces have been playing together since 2008, and lately have started to gain more of a fan base following the release of their first album, “When My Heart Felt Volcanic” in early 2018. So far, I have seen The Aces twice as the opener for a few larger bands and each time their music struck a chord with audiences that may not be familiar with their music, and delivered high energy and fun performances.

    My favorite song: “Fake Nice” 

  2. 2. The Rubies

    As another local group from Provo, The Rubies incorporate rock and alternative elements into their music while also maintaining an intimate and natural environment within their songs. Although this group has only been together and producing music since 2017, the few songs they have recorded showcase powerful lyrics with smooth and groovy instrumentals. Lately, The Rubies have held more concerts around the greater Salt Lake area, but they are still growing their local fan base as they have less than 3,000 Spotify listeners. But, this band’s combination of rock and folksy elements along with emotional intimacy is well worth a listen. 

    My favorite song: “Eventually”

  3. 3. Vérité

    Just this summer, while on a road trip, one of my good friends introduced me to Vérité’s music. Vérité is Kelsey Regina Byrne’s musical persona, and just as “vérité” is translated to truth and realism, her music is focused on depicting the honest realities of life within and outside of relationships. Vérité began releasing music in 2014, and her subsequent albums and singles have only proven her talent as a lyricist and vocalist. 

    My favorite song: “Wasteland”

  4. 4. Bishop Briggs

    Best known for her single “River,” Bishop Briggs is a powerhouse singer who consistently delivers powerful and strong music. While her songs seem to blend various genres, she clearly draws influence from R&B and alternative arenas. Coinciding with the release of her first album, “Church of Scars,” Bishop Briggs has already embarked upon a tour that crosses the United States and parts of Europe. Bishop Briggs’ success is remarkable given that her first single was widely released in 2016, but it is all well deserved.

    My favorite song: “Tempt My Trouble”

Now, along with supporting these artists, I hope to continue to fall in love with new musicians while striving for more equality and diversity in my listening habits.