4 DIY Christmas Gifts You Need This Season

Christmas is fast approaching, which means panic is starting to set in if you haven’t gotten gifts for everyone on your list yet. This is especially true if you just spent all of your money on junk food, while studying for finals and finishing up projects. If your budget is a little tight this season, don’t fret because here are four cute DIY gifts that won’t break the bank.

Snow Globes

This is a fun idea if you’re looking for something for friends or extended family that will last a long time. You will need a mason jar, or any jar with a lid, distilled water, glitter and/or fake snow, glycerin, a hot glue gun, and cute ornaments and figurines. Make sure your ornaments will fit in the jars before you start. Trust me you don’t want them to get stuck when you’re in the middle of making it. Glue the ornament/figurine to the lid of the jar. While that is drying, fill the jar with the distilled water. Add some glycerin to the water along with the glitter and fake snow. Once the lid has finished drying, put it back on the jar. Make sure to screw it on tight so that the water doesn’t leak out. Then turn it over and watch the snow fall.

Polka Dot Mugs

Mugs are always a fun, simple gift to give to friends, but these are a little bit more special than the Christmas mugs at Target. You can personalize these with either a name, initial, or design. All you need is a white mug, multi-surface craft paint, alphabet stickers or stickers of your design, and a circle sponge brush. Place your stickers on the mug. Then using the sponge brush, make polka dots on the mug in varying colors. Peel the stickers off while the paint is still wet and let it dry. Once it is completely dry, stick it in the oven for 30 minutes at 350°. Leave it in the oven until it cools back down to room temperature. This insures that the new design won’t come off, when the mug gets used. Pair it with some hot cocoa, and you have a fun personalized gift.

Candy Sleigh

This idea is good for those of us that aren’t quite as crafty as we pretend to be. All you need is well candy, candy canes, and hot glue. Use a larger candy bar as the base and the candy canes as the runners. Then pile up the rest of your candy and glue it all together. It’s cute, fun, and easy to make!

Cold Weather Kit

If you’re just looking for something cute that you can just put together, and don’t actually have to make anything, this one is for you. Pick out some cute Christmas socks, a fun hand cream, and a lip balm. Put them all together in a jar or basket. Wrap some ribbon around it, make a cute gift tag, and you’re finished! A cute, cozy kit for the wintertime that makes the perfect gift, especially if you live somewhere cold.

Whether you want to go all out, and make every single gift for your friends, or just need something a little extra to add to a gift you already bought, these DIYs are simple to make and definitely won’t break the bank.

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