4 Dark Makeup Looks for a Witchy Fall Semester

You know you've been dreaming of a witchy fall look, like Morticia Adams, or Sarah Jessica Parker in Hocus Pocus, or Lana del Rey, or maybe a chic modern Goody Proctor. Like, you're trying to see your own glamazon face with the devil, am I right ladies (and other folks regardless of gender wearing makeup? Here are four ways to get a fun, witchy vibe to your cute-ass face.

1. Dark lips

I mean, obviously. What better? For a high end option, try Beauty Bakerie's amazing long-lasting lip whips. For something a little more affordable, you can NOT go wrong with a lipstick from NYX2. Thin Brows

It sounds nuts, but drag queens (and silent film stars) have been doing it forever, and Rihanna just made it happen. Slap some concealer on your brows and line what's remaining in a little pencil line! This look is spooky, witchy, irreverent and ridiculous.3. Heavy eyeliner

Channel your inner scene queen and draw a thick, luscious cat eye so you can double double toil and trouble a little extra sex appeal and glam. Worst case scenario you get eyeliner on your brow bone. Best case scenario you look hot as hell.

4. Fun highlight and contour

Have fun playing with highlighter like the ABH Moonchild Glow Kit and once your cheekbone is highlighted blue, use a fun purple eyeshadow for your contour. Or something. Who cares? You're a magical bitch!

I mean, but really, isn't it so natural when you've been raised within a patriarchal world to be something bland and meek, to resist by transforming your facade into something mystical and otherworldly? Stephen King wrote Carrie in a tradition of belief that young women, as a result of the shame and error they live with, carry extra magical power. Fight back in a world that pushes you down with fun makeup, and by loving yourself.