36 YouTubers You’ll Want to Subscribe To

Are you looking for some fresh content to spice up your subscription page? I know I’m always looking for recommendations, so I’ve scoured my entire subscription feed to compile some of my favorite YouTubers. Each of the channels on this list have under one million subscribers, with most under 500k. Here, in alphabetical order, are some underappreciated YouTubers you’ll want to subscribe to.

  1. 1. an0nymooose 

    You’ve likely seen at least one of an0nymooose’s videos floating around Facebook. This channel creates 3D animated memes. Very fresh and fun.


    Get started on one video, and you’ll watch them all. Andrew Huang’s channel is all about creating music — and you’ll get to join in as he creates new tunes right in front of you. You don’t have to know anything about music to really enjoy this channel. Huang’s upbeat disposition and bangin’ tracks will keep you comin’ back.

  3. 3. barnabydixon

    barnabydixon is a channel devoted to puppeteering — and one special hand-puppet named Dabchick. Some truly incredible engineering goes into these puppets, and it’s so fun to see them come to life. With original songs and characters, barnabydixon is basically a cooler, adult version of The Muppet Show.

  4. 4. brian david gilbert

    Some truly hilarious original songs and very good editing sets brian david gilbert’s channel apart from the rest. Though this channel is posted to irregularly, it's worth having in your subscription feed. 

  5. 5. Christine Kobzeff

    Christine Kobzeff’s channel has a serious minimalist ~aesthetic~. Christine creates affordable, gorgeous DIYs (that you’ll actually consider making!) and gives down-to-earth tips on how to include minimalism habits in your lifestyle that will help reduce stress and be better for the planet. Christine is also vegan, so if that’s a lifestyle you’re interested in, she’s a great guru to look to.

  6. 6. Dominic Noble

    This channel reviews books and movies, and how adaptations to either media form affects the story. Dominic does some impressive research into the demographics, styles, and production of media you love, then reviews them. Dominic is also very, very good at giving in-depth explanations behind his reasoning. He is careful to provide any trigger warnings that may be applicable to what he is reviewing, and DAMN, I’ve never seen a YouTuber who so wholly and completely respects women. I am very impressed with Dominic Noble as both a person and as a YouTube channel. 

  7. 7. Eddy Burback

    Eddy Burback is hilarious! He often reviews popular culture stars and really, REALLY bad movies. His often dry but cutting sense of humor works very well with his minimalistic editing style.

  8. 8. Edvasian

    Edvasian’s editing is ON POINT. His jump cuts, sound effects, and overall demeanor really make his videos stand out.

  9. 9. English Heritage

    This channel does beautiful historical reenactments of real people at Audley End House. Beautifully produced and lovely to watch, you can see in action some of the impressive cooking and maintenance that went down in Victorian households. Mrs. Crocombe is politely savage in her own Victorian way, and the recipes are replicable at home if you’d like to try them.

  10. 10. Fizzy and Bobalazer

    Recently rebranded from ‘Carpool Party,’ Fizzy and Bobalazer create ~aesthetic~ vaporwave music videos. Their production is excellent and the music is straight fire.

  11. 11. Hungarian Folk Tales

    The content on this channel is exactly what the name implies… Hungarian folk tales. Gorgeously animated and narrated, this channel is an excellent way to up your fairytale knowledge from more than just the Grimm brothers.

  12. 12. ichika Nito

    ichika Nito’s channel is all about that bass… literally. This guy can spit straight FIRE from his fingers — a truly INCREDIBLE bass player. He’ll leave you wondering if he’s superhuman… and the best news is, he’s got a Spotify under the same name, so you can binge-listen across platforms.

  13. 13. Karolina Żebrowska

    Her fans call her ‘Meme Mom’ — what more do you need to convince you to subscribe? Karolina does some hilarious and educational commentary on Victorian lifestyles and clothing, and also models the clothing she creates.

  14. 14. kekeflipnote 

    Small, animated animals dancing to upbeat music. The style and fluidity of these videos are just a joy to watch.

  15. 15. kenny lauderdale

    This channel reviews anime in-depth. I’m not even into anime, but this channel is still entertaining enough for me to subscribe. You don’t have to know anything at all about anime, kenny lauderdale provides all the information and background context (often historical information on the concurrent events happening in Japan at the time) to keep you feeling up-to-date on your anime.

  16. 16. Kevin Parry

    You may recognize this name from the end-credits scene of some animated movies. Kevin Parry breaks down his movie magic on his channel, detailing how he animates the inanimate.

  17. 17. Kurtis Baute

    Originally a science channel, Kurtis Baute now creates challenges for himself that keep you biting your nails to see how he completes them. From going upside down for a week, to going completely zero waste for 90 days, Kurtis Baute always has a new and bigger hurdle. He is also extremely environmentally conscious, which is great to see.

  18. 18. La Guardia Cross

    This father of two uploads his hilarious encounters with his little girls. They are so funny you’ll split your sides, even if you don’t have kids. 

  19. 19. Lefie

    An extreme minimalist, Lefie has refreshing takes on everything from materialism to traveling light. Definitely worth the watch.

  20. 20. Liam Thompson 

    This channel has really good, varying content. Each of his videos are well executed, with excellent editing. You’ll be excited to see what he’s doing next.

  21. 21. Micarah Tewers

    Micarah Tewers creates sewing videos… sort of. They’re not really something you can sew along to, as sewing is so innate to her that she doesn’t often explain what she’s doing. It’s absolutely hilarious. She is extremely self-aware and also loves animals. What not to like?

  22. 22. Mikaela Long

    How is this channel not at a million subscribers yet? I have no idea. She creates funny and relatable content that is really down-to-earth. She is very real and unapologetic. 

  23. 23. Mike’s Mic

    I’m calling it — Mike’s Mic is going to be the next YouTuber to go viral. His videos are fresh, fun, and very on trend. With cutting wit and a sardonic attitude, Mike will have you laughing along with him at reality TV stars.

  24. 24. Musical Hell

    Diva, the overseeing demon in Musical Hell, tells it how it is. She combs through each musical thoroughly, counting sins as she goes, then metes out punishment. Good for both the musical connoisseur and the musical newbie. 

  25. 25. omozoc 

    omozoc creates stop-motion animation where he turns inedible objects into food. 

  26. 26. Penny Tovar

    Okay, I’m calling this one, too — Penny Tovar is going to go viral soon. She is HILARIOUS, down-to-earth, and her editing is just ~peak~. She is a strong, educated woman who encourages people to seek out education and be their best selves. She also doesn’t wear makeup for the camera, or shave, because she just doesn’t want to. That’s the level of power I hope to achieve someday.

  27. 27. Peter Brown

    Peter Brown is like Bobby Duke Arts but without the hyperactive intensity. Peter Brown creates gorgeous resin art and crafts, walking you through his process from pouring the resin to the lathe.

  28. 28. PilotRedSun

    PilotRedSun has created some of the most existential videos I’ve ever seen. His aesthetic is somewhere between a 3rd grader using MS Paint and Michaelangelo. You have to see it to believe it.

  29. 29. Salem Tovar

    Salem Tovar could literally be the cool girl in your college class that you’re intimidated to talk to. She’s hilarious, self-recriminating, and an excellent YouTuber.

  30. 30. Spaghetti Again

    This channel was created in 2017 and only has two videos. I’m subscribed, just waiting for the next incredible music video to drop.

  31. 31. Squirmy and Grubs

    !!! Squirmy and Grubs are the cutest couple, who vlog their daily lives. Shane has SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) while Hannah doesn’t, and their vlogs detail their interabled relationship and how they’re perfect for each other.

  32. 32. Sven Johnson

    Sven’s short videos are comedic gold, and he often does collaborative memes with Gus Johnson, who is possibly the most underappreciated comedian of our time.

  33. 33. Tabasko Sweet

    Here with some sick street styles, Tabasko Sweet shows you how to look haute without spending all your moolah. 

  34. 34. tadelesmith 

    tadelesmith doesn’t upload much anymore, but her previous parody videos were so excellent that I’m just waiting… hoping she’ll upload again. Also, as she says at the end of her videos, her goal is to kiss (or vicariously give a kiss) to every cat in the world. A lofty goal.

  35. 35. Trey Kennedy

    This comedian is so on-point with his observations and overblown caricatures of people you meet everyday, you’ll recognize the little petty things that drive you crazy about people — and then laugh because Trey Kennedy makes it funny.

  36. 36. u m a m i

    With amazing art that’s a mixture of MS Paint and your nightmares, u m a m i is cheffing up one of the most interesting and poignant web series I’ve ever seen. You’ll be hooked with just one video.

These YouTubers are the freshest in the game, with excellent content that deserves way more views. I hope this list has helped you spice up your subscription page.


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