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31 Thoughts We Had Watching the Grammys

  1. Beyonces mom introducing her! YES, OH MY GOD. She is the mother of all things good on this earth. She radiates unicorn dust. This whole night can be her voice. I wish she could narrate my life. My husband better always look at me the way Jay-Z looks at Bey.

2. I still don’t get these live snickers commercials from the Super Bowl.

3. I don’t really do country music, but if all the artists are this hot I just might change my mind.

4. James Corden and this car full of all of my idols are making all of my dreams come true.

5. I wish Bruno Mars was more physically attractive because every time I hear his voice I’m like:

6. KATY PERRY! OMG. IT’S KATY PERRY. *Walks into the Grammys with blonde hair like New Katy, Who Dis.*

7. The vast amount of accents in this show make me want to adapt a British/country accent.

8. I don’t know this song. At all.


10. Beyonce wrote a thank-you novel but I can’t stop staring at her boobs…

11. Does anyone else kinda think that maybe we always vote for Beyoncé because the last time she didn’t win something Kanye wasn’t happy? Just saying…

12. James Corden is hilarious. 

13. The girl performing with Alicia looks like a mix of Khloe Kardashian and Jojo Fletcher…

14. Alicia Keys is stunning. #nofilter

15. Never knew much about George Michael but I cried hard when Adele was singing. I miss you, Boy George…I guess.

16. So much respect for women who look good with their hair up. *cough* Adele *cough*

17. When Adele thinks she messed up, but literally no one noticed and is still mesmerized by her entity.

18. Oh no. Kanye didn’t win Best Rap Album. Watch out, world. 

19. Wait, why haven’t I seen Taylor Swift in the crowd? I’m pissed. T? Where you at?

20. Never thought I would be jealous of James Cordon’s mom but she’s sitting on Nick Jonas’ lap right now and I’m feeling some type of way. Jealous, that’s the way, I’m jealous. 

21. YAS GAGA. This is super aggressive but I’m kind of into it. It’s angsty. It’s teenage me. 

22. Wish I could crowd surf. 

23. I don’t know this song. Again. 

24. Isn’t it a requirement to wear a cowboy hat as a country artist? That way we can identify you. 

25. This country guy looks like a junior high math teacher.

26. “And the Grammy goes to… hello” YAY. IT’S ADELE. *Just wondering, is security on the watch for Kanye… Bey didn’t win*

27. I’m getting tired, I don’t have time for these commercials. Show me Rihanna and her red shirt–bra?–shirt?

28. There are so many artists I was waiting to see but, apparently, this is the year of D-list artists and songs I don’t know.

29. Bruno mars looks good in purple but, like, you already performed; give someone else a chance.

30. If you look up ‘swaggy’ in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of Jason Derulo and his fur coat.

31. Adele’s accepting speech made me cry and then Beyoncé cried and then I cried again. 

Click Here for the official Grammy’s Website to check out all the glitz & glam as well as a full list of winners from the night.

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