31 Body Positive Instagrams You Need to Follow

In the land of sample sizes and European beauty standards, it can be easy to fall down the rabbit hole of comparing yourself to what you see in mainstream media. I’ve found it immensely helpful and uplifting to discover an entire community around body positivity. Tall or short, thin or thick, fair or deep, curly or straight, feminine or masculine, perfection comes in every shape and size a human can be. 

Instagram has become the platform I turn to when I need a pick-me-up. Follow a few of these influencers, or follow them all! If you spend a lot of time on social media, replacing cookie cutter ideals with different body types and perspectives is priceless.

The best part? This list just scratches the surface of the #bopo community. There are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of people you can find that uplift you, challenge perspectives, and truly show that everybody has a good body. 

1. @barbienox - Barbie Ferreira is a model with Wilhelmina, NY. She has her own hilarious yet informative program on Go90 called How to Behave where she explores everything from sex to drag kings.  

2. @palomija - When Paloma Elsesser isn’t modeling for brands like Calvin Klein and Fenty, she’s out and about with killer street style. As a plus size woman, she’s the perfect example to curvy girls everywhere that fashion is fun and available for everyone.

3. @healthier_leila -- Leila is an advocate for body confidence and self love. She shows the hard work, fluctuations, and happiness that go into accepting your body. She posts content emphasizing that nobody’s perfect, but we’re all wonderful.

                                                                                                            Leila and friends

4. @tess.daly - Tess has called herself Wheelchair Barbie (which is an on point description). Her makeup skills are insane, and she’s started a YouTube with tutorials and personal stories. No matter her obstacles, Tess is proof you’re more than your body.

5. @elotepreparado - Clara conquers college, social media, and makeup artistry all at the same time. In her own words she’s “so thick, so beautiful, so wholesome”. We could all take inspo from her self-love.

6. @planetprudence - This account is filled with hilarious illustrations about the everyday realities of life. Why don’t I look like the model? Why is hair growing there? How much coffee is… too much coffee? Purple-haired Prudence covers it all.

                                                                                                            Planet Prudence

7. @isabel_hendrix - Isabel is a plus size model for brands like Hayley Elsaesser and Hot Topic. Her love of vibrant colors and positivity have gotten her far. She’s inspiring and oh so cute. 

8. @robsongrl - Mariana is short, curvy, and badass. Her current hair is pink and blue, but you never know what she’ll try next! Her unwavering self-care is something that can make a positive impact on your feed. 

9. @queennedraa - Nedra is a self-titled Queer Queen Virgo. Her account is lively and fun. She’s the definition of living life without barriers or labels, and enjoying your body. After all, it’s the only one you’ll ever have!


10. @selfloveclubb - Milly brings awareness to mental and chronic illness. She also recently beat cancer! It’s inspiring to follow Milly’s story and realize that listening to your body instead of judging it is the best way to recovery.

11. @bae.doe - Minahil is soft, cute, and stylish. Whether she’s sporting sexy lingerie, or on-trend mom jeans, Mina lets us know that any body type can rock all styles of clothing. 

12. @dounia - Dounia is a singer/songwriter, activist, and model. Her music is something you can really vibe out to. She promotes acceptance of all bodies, and flaunts her curves with killer confidence.


13. @annavictoria - Anna’s meals and workouts are titled under her brand Body Love. She’s focused on changing the inside just as much as she is the outside, and spreads the message that true transformation starts with the mind.

14. @fatleopard.jpeg - Rochelle Brock runs a fabulous Instagram highlighting bodies of all shapes, sizes, and skin tones. Her photography is eye-catching and truly captures the personalities and energies of the people in front of her lens.

15. @chooselifewarrior - Danielle, an activist from Australia, is changing the connotations surrounding the word “fat”. She’s incredibly brave in sharing her struggles with mental illness and trauma. Check out her story highlight about Body Neutrality to get a great perspective on marginalized bodies.


16. @karinapadilla_ - Karina is a Latinx artist who depicts her emotions through her sketches and paintings. She embraces the power of being a woman with grace and positivity.  

17. @blogilates - Cassey is uber-focused on creating stronger, healthier bodies. She has an app and free exercise videos on YouTube with various levels of difficulty. Feel empowered by your workouts, not enslaved.

18. @iskra - Iskra is a model known for her Aerie campaigns. She’s a NEDA ambassador, and runs an inclusive fitness website. She’s open about her past struggles with an eating disorder and the pressure that the fashion industry can create.


19. @beauty_redefined - Twins Lindsay and Lexie Kite (both have PhDs . . . badass) run the nonprofit Beauty Redefined. Their educational Instagram and website challenge the norms we see in our daily scrolls, and promote what they call “body image resilience”.

20. @fatkyliejenner - Hannah is a queer, polyamorous Anna Nicole Smith look-alike. She shows off her curves and loves her body for the way it is. Her sense of humor gives great reminders to not take social media too seriously.

21. @pigss - Hailey Wait is a gorgeous testament to the fact that acne doesn’t take away from your beauty. The majority of teens and young adults experience acne on various levels, so why do we judge it so harshly? Embrace your face.


22. @getfitjules - Julie focuses on loving herself — mind, body, and soul. Cellulite, rolls, and stretch marks are natural and perfectly fine! It’s up to your mind and soul to get in sync with that.

23. @jazzmynejay - Jazzmyn might be known for her role in Buzzfeed videos, but she’s also a huge advocate for embracing your body. Jazzmyn isn’t shy about the difficulties someone can experience when their insecurities come around, but she always comes out on top.

24. @the_yvesdropper - Yves is a model, artist, and activist with some of the coolest body modifications on Instagram. He’s passionate about ending racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, and sexism. He shows that masculinity can be multi-faceted, and that kindness is anything but a weakness.


25. @thenakediaries - Filled with submissions from her followers, Taylor Giavasis runs an account that showcases bodies with all types of “imperfections”. This page has a positive community of people trying to love their bodies, and allows everyone to feel included and valid no matter their experience.

26. @theashleygraham - Possibly the best-known plus size model of our day, Ashley Graham is smashing the fashion industry’s ideas of what a model’s body “should” look like. She’s written a book, started a swimsuit company, and judges on America’s Next Top Model… just to name a few of her accomplishments.

27. @peterdevito - Peter is a photographer with a refreshing outlook that challenges the use of photoshop on unique features and acne. His series of unfiltered photos is inclusive and thought provoking. He’s been recently recognized by Elle Magazine and Teen Vogue.


28. @rvbyallegra - Ruby is an insanely inspiring woman bringing awareness and acceptance to what “disabled bodies can look like”. She’s a makeup artist and has a bright personality that’s allowed her to spread her message.

29. @erikalipps - Erika is a plus size woman with possibly the ~cutest~ face on the internet. She embraces life with positivity, and also lets her followers know where to get the best plus size fashion pieces.

30. @ladyist - Ashley Armitage runs this lovely account dedicated to the promotion of self love. Beautiful photos showcasing rolls, body hair, stretchmarks, and everything in between are combined with a luxurious aesthetic fit for queens and kings of all sizes.


31. @any.body_co - This brand’s slogan is “beauty has no boundaries” and their feed lives up to it. Their page is accompanied by a community of supportive women of all sizes. Afraid to wear a bikini? These kick-ass ladies show you that you shouldn't be. 

Photo Sources: Cover (photo of Ashley Graham)

All other photos are from their respective Instagram accounts.