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3 Ways to Get Through Midterms

Midterms are hard and super stressful, but we don’t want you to think about that! Think only positives, like how easy your Mass Media Law exam is going to be because you know the material! Once midterms are over, you get a week break to lay around and be lazy on the beach, or at home in your bed binge watching Netflix. To help you get through the next week, here are 3 ways that’ll for sure get you going and ready to ace your midterms.

1.   Breathe and Relax

Calm down girl! There’s no need to stress because you know this stuff. Sure, it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the panic and worry that you might bomb the exam, but just stop, take a breath, and relax. You’ve gone to class, taken the notes, and have done the work. You know this material. Once you’re relaxed, you’ll realize you have this midterm in the bag.

2.   Don’t Procrastinate

There’s nothing worse than leaving all of your studying for the very last minute. By doing this you are only making things ten times worse for yourself. Looking at the clock and thinking, “OMG I only have one more hour to study,” isn’t going to do anything for you, but stress you out. Plan ahead, and try to study at least a day before your midterm.

3.   Picture Ryan Gosling at the Finish Line

I know this might sound crazy, but what’s better than picturing Ryan Gosling at the finish line waiting for you?! If Ryan Gosling isn’t your guy, picture your favorite celebrity crush (mine’s Josh Duhamel) or your SO. Whoever it is, there’s nothing better than a hot guy waiting to congratulate you for being totally awesome and owning those midterms (even if it’s just pretend)!

Vermont native. Salt Lake City resident. Ellie Briggs is currently majoring in Strategic Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations at the University of Utah. She is serving as the Campus Correspondent, Co-President, and Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Utah, along with Mietra Aarabi. When Ellie is not focusing on her studies, writing, or editing countless articles, you can find her brunching with her sister and laughing at her own jokes. Follow her on Instagram @elliebriggs and Twitter @ellbriggs - she promises you won't get bored!
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