3 Ways To Experience New York Fashion Week at Home

This year, New York Fashion Week is February 10th - 18th. It’s a week like none other; a week that all fashion lovers look forward to. Whether one is a designer, model, or simple viewer, everybody loves to experience the thrill of the world’s highest fashion.

You don’t have to have a VIP pass to every show on the block, you simply have to do these three things to make you feel like you are there in the middle of all the magical chaos.

1. Attend a Local Fashion Show

Attending local fashion shows isn’t just about experiencing the exciting atmosphere, but also supporting people’s hard work and art. Look up your own local shows today! It’s something that every fashion-loving girl needs to experience. I had the opportunity to go to an Exalt fashion show in downtown Salt Lake City. They took pictures as you walked in, sat you in front of the runway, had music blasting, and lights streaming. The Pre-Show featured local musicans supporting other local talent!

At the show, I got a little taste of what these designers and models go through during one of the busiest weeks in New York. It was thrilling to see how everything was put on. The lights, music, crowd, and runway was something that I haven’t experienced before. It was as if I was interning for Miranda Priestly herself or judging Project Runway.


2. Watch The Devil Wears Prada.

Speaking of Ms. Priestly, if you do nothing else to celebrate the week, make sure you watch The Devil Wears Prada. I know that you watch it at least monthly with your girls, but make sure you specifically watch it this week. Why wouldn’t you?? It’s the perfect blend of classy, funny, and inspirational. I mean, don’t lie, you wanted to do an internship in New York after you watched the flick. So yes, this movie is a definite must this week and forever.



3. Gather Fashion Magazines

Whether you are flipping through the pages of Vogue, Allure, InStyle, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Fashion, or any other lovely fashion magazine, get ready to get a wave of NYFW content. You know that these issues will line the shelves these next few weeks, covering every aspect of the event. This will be one of your greatest resources for all the insider gossip. Whether they’re gawking over Gigi Hadid’s new outfit or Vera Wang’s new dress line, these sources will be chatting about it. Plus, a little outfit inspiration is always nice!


New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest weeks for a designer, a model, an art director or any fashionista! Be sure to gawk over the wild feathers, crazy patterns, and rainbow-like colors that are sure to be adoned this week.