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3 Valentine’s Day Dates You Need to Try

There’s no need to sweat your Valentine’s Day plans because we’ve got you covered with fun date night ideas anyone can enjoy. Whether things are heating up between you and your boyfriend or you’d rather play it cool on the 14th, we’ll help you plan out your perfect night!

1.  Midnight Hike

Get a head start on Valentine’s Day by taking a very romantic midnight hike with your man. Cozy up in blankets to enjoy each other’s company and the beautiful view of the stars.  Good news, it may be February but with the weather we’ve been having lately it should be warm!

2.  Treat Him

Let him enjoy this day as much as you by surprising him with an evening filled with all his favorite activities. Romance isn’t just for us girls, guys like to be wooed too!

3.  Double Up

If Valentine’s is not your thing or your relationship is too new,  grab a couple of friends and make it a group date! Group dates keep it low-pressure, so you don’t have to stress and can just have fun!

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