3 Reasons Why a Girl Staycation is Important


Let’s be real, no one enjoys the time between Spring Break and summer vacation. No one. Who wants to come return to midterms, assignments, quizzes, and finals after you’ve been thriving in vacationing and free time? No one.As you can see, what better time for a vacation right after you’ve returned from one? Here are the reasons why a staycation with the girls is so important.

  1. You need girl time.

Are you the girl that has been Velcro-ed to her boyfriend the whole semester? Or are you the friend that simply can’t get enough of her girls? I know it’s hard to make time for everything and everyone in your life, but who has made you into the superwoman you are today? You owe it to yourself and to your best friends to make time for them. Either way, you need girl time. GNO’s should be classified as a treatment to curing anything. Whether it is a bad breakup, motivation for finals, or simply getting some encouragement, they will not disappoint. Don’t some late night chats filled with laughter and junk food sound incredible? 

  1.  You need a break from school.

The best way to rededicate yourself is to undedicated yourself for, at least, one day. It sounds scary, but believe me, it works. It’s the same idea as taking a Pinterest break while studying for a test. It needs to be done! Get away from the depressing chairs of the library and go out and shake your legs in nature. Clear your mind with the beauty that is all around us. 

  1. Why not go?

Why not take a break from life, which is always needed, and go enjoy nature and your friends? Why not take a chance and take weekend trip to explore? Is your excuse that you don’t have enough money? Is it that you’ve got studying to do? Well, take the chance and just go. You can earn more money and you need a break anyways. 

I know that Spring Break just happened and summer vacation is just around the corner, but why not take another? Why not go on a staycation with the ladies. Go out and make more memories. College is a time for adventure and friends – what better way than a quick, fun, spontaneous trip with the girls.