3 Fresh Fall Music Finds

Whether you've got that Summertime Sadness or you're embracing the full swing of back-to-school season, you're going to need some tunes. Here are three simple recommendations for your music consumption this fall:

  1. 1. Everybody Breaks - Ivan & Alyosha 

    Once again, Ivan & Alyosha have delivered the moody, yet empowering anthem that we didn't know we needed. It serves as a friendly reminder that although we may break this fall semester, at least we won't be alone. 

  2. 2. Dangerous - Ra Ra Riot

    Featured on their newest album Superbloom, Ra Ra Riot delivers a beautiful, easy to listen sound in the song Dangerous. Simple beats and reflective lyrics will have you repeating this over and over as you stroll through campus. 

    (FYI, they're coming to Salt Lake City November 5th!)

  3. 3. Outta My Mind - Monsune

    Our favorite Chinese-Canadian is back with his second single! Monsune has a way of blending of soulful vocals with interesting pop melodies and WE ARE HERE FOR IT. Here's to hoping he won't make us wait as long for a new song next time. 

There you have it, some music to help you through the semester, or maybe just midterms. In that case, Release Radar ought to help you out there. Good luck to all you students, let's get this bread!