3 Albums to Look for in 2020

With the beginning of the new year, I am always searching and counting down towards new music and concerts. Even though we are only starting the year, there have already been several albums announced to be released in the coming weeks that have garnered significant anticipation. So, without further ado, here are a few albums I can’t wait to listen to in 2020!

  1. 1. Tame Impala, “The Slow Rush”

    Release Date: February 14

    After hinting at a possible release of a new album last year, Tame Impala—a psychedelic rock band from Australia—is set to release their latest project, “The Slow Rush,” early this year. Following their headlining performance at Coachella in 2019, Tame Impala’s new music has been greatly anticipated. Prior to the release of their album, they have already released four singles: “Patience,” “Borderline,” “It Might Be Time,” and “Posthumous Forgiveness.” These singles all suggest that the band is moving into a more reflective period, showcased through a lean towards ‘70s psych along with synth-pop elements. Accompanying the release of “The Slow Rush,” Tame Impala is embarking on a tour across the U.S. starting in May.

  2. 2. The 1975, “Notes on a Conditional Form”

    Release Date: February 21

    Similarly, The 1975 also promised a new album last year, only to make fans wait eight more months for a new complete album. “Notes on a Conditional Form” will be The 1975’s fourth studio album, and this album will round out the band’s “Music for Cars” era which began with their 2018 album, “A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships.” The 1975 aim to defy being tied to a specific genre; however, this band based out of Britain can be categorized as pop rock, and they incorporate indie, synth, alternative, electro, and dance elements. The band has already released three singles from the album: “Frail State of Mind,” “People,” and their traditionally eponymous first track on the album—“The 1975”—yet this version differs as it features a spoken monologue from Greta Thunberg. As they promote their album, The 1975 will be touring in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe surrounding the dates of the album’s release.

  3. 3. COIN, “Dreamland”

    Release Date: February 21

    Along with The 1975’s release on February 21st, music fans can also expect to get a new album from COIN—an indie pop band from Nashville. After pushing back their release date to February from January 24, COIN’s third studio album continues to generate excitement and anticipation. Now signed under their own label—The Committee for Sound and Mind—COIN has gained a newfound freedom and independence with the production of their music. COIN’s latest single “Let It All Out (10:05)” has already indicated the authentic and intimate direction that they have begun to take. While their 2016 single “Talk Too Much” peaked at #8 on US Rock charts, COIN clearly wishes to move away from the strict pop that this single represents. Yet, with the other singles from “Dreamland”—“I Want It All” and “Crash My Car”—COIN seems to stay true to their roots while branching out, but only the full-length album can answer these questions with certainty. Corresponding with the album’s release, COIN will be touring across the US beginning in March.

Coincidentally, these three albums all happen to have release dates set for February—so it’s shaping up to be a great month for music! Since it is rare to find me without headphones in, I am almost constantly listening to some album or playlist, so I cannot wait to listen to some brand new music! Cheers to a happy new year and some happy ears full of wonderful music!


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