26 Thoughts While Listening to Adele’s New Album "25"

There is something about Adele’s music that can make even the most suppressed emotions surface. With a soulful voice and relatable lyrics, she can get anyone to reconsider their feelings. From her perfectly winged eyeliner to her squad goals (Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone. Seriously?) I think we could all use a little more Adele in our lives, starting with her newest album 25.

1.     WHAT? Adele’s new album isn’t on Spotify? I can’t justify buying music. I’m a broke college student.

2.     Ugh, fine. I guess I can spend $10.99… I don’t need to eat this week. I should appreciate the arts more anyway. 

3.     Starting out with Hello as your first song. Thanks for easing us in, Adele.

4.     Why does this guy still have a landline? What year are you calling a thousand times from?

5.     Apparently I haven’t done much healing either because this song is making me feel a lot about that boyfriend I had six years ago that I thought I was over. Dammit.

6.     Maybe I should call him?

7.     I’m going to call him.

8.     Wait, no Adele. You are right. I can do better and I gotta let go. Sendin my love to you, buddy.

9.     Those two songs seem to really contradict each other. Kind of like my feelings right now.

10. I remember when I was young and in love. I can say that at 20 years old, right?

11. Like when I was 19 and in love. That was a mess.

12. If I sing loud enough do you think I could sound like her?

13. I can totally hit that note.

14. Screaming is singing. Kind of.

15. Nope. Can NOT hit that note.

16. I would love some Ben and Jerry’s in the dark right now. Mmm.

17. Is this whole album about the same guy?

18. Their relationship must be all over the place.

19. Just like my emotions right now… *laughs and cries at the same time uncontrollably*

20. I didn’t even know I had feelings.

21.  She is way too devoted to this guy.

22. What happened to independence?

23. Get it together, Adele. You don’t need no man.

24. Neither do I.

25. All I need is this chocolate ice cream.

26. *Lays on the floor crying while eating the entire tub of ice cream*

Well done, Adele. I hope someday I can live up to the amazingness. It was well worth the money and to support Someone Like You. (See what I did there?)