The 20 Most Common Things We All Do as Poor College Students

Let me tell you, THE STRUGGLE IS SO REAL. And this is basically how I cope.

1.       Use someone else’s Netflix account.

2.       Never shy around asking for the WIFI password.

3.       Attend events for the free food.

4.       Refuse to accept that the toothpaste is gone. Rolling the tube is sure to get you a week more of use.

5.       Download Venmo so there are no excuses in getting paid back.

6.       Order way more than you can eat when your parents are paying.

7.       Split meals with a friend at a restaurant.

8.       Decide that the can of corn that’s been in the back of the pantry for who knows how long, is what you’re having for dinner tonight.

9.       Have gone at least 1 day without deodorant because you put off buying it.

10.     "How many of these textbooks can I rent?"

11.     "Realistically, how many of these textbooks do I even need?"

12.   *Lies* "I didn’t eat your food!!"

13.   “So, do you think you could put gas in my car?”

14.   Managed to keep a grocery shopping trip under $20. “Ramen and uh…corn lasts me a long time.”

15.   Visiting the sample table more than once.

16.   Planning your grocery shopping trip around when the sample tables are running. “Smith’s sushi? Yes please!”

17.   Dollar menu.

18.   Complained about how poor you are and promised to change spending habits.

19.   Naively downloaded a Budgeting App.

20.   Not changed your spending habits.

A day in the life of poor ol’ me. *Calls Dad to ask for money.*