20 Legend of Zelda Songs to Help You Study

Everyone knows that listening to the right kind of music can make even the most arduous situations more bearable. Well, what’s more arduous for students than wrapping up a semester? Whether you’re studying for a final or cranking out an essay, listening to some instrumental music can help boost your mood to get you through your classwork. To serve this purpose, here are some of my favorite tracks from the videogame series The Legend of Zelda so that you, too, can be inspired by their heroic notes.

  1. 1. Overworld Theme (Main Theme)

    How could I have a list of music from The Legend of Zelda without starting with the main theme? Appearing in the very first game, this theme can be found in various forms throughout the series. From the 8-bit version found in the original game to the beautifully melodic version found in Breath of the Wild, there is sure to be a variation for everyone.

  2. 2. Ballad of the Wind Fish

    As the music driving the storyline in Link’s Awakening, “Ballad of the Wind Fish” leaves a lasting impression. Beautiful and haunting, both orchestral versions and the vocal performance used in the remake are great additions to a study playlist.

  3. 3. Tal Tal Heights

    Another entry from Link’s Awakening, “Tal Tal Heights” is a vastly different song from “Ballad of the Wind Fish”. This song embodies the adventurous spirit that the series is famous for. The 2019 remake retains components from the original 8-bit song, creating a track that brings on the nostalgia but is also incredibly fun for those without ties to the original game.

  4. 4. Divine Beast Themes

    So, I’m cheating a bit with this entry because there are four Divine Beasts (with four distinct themes), but they all deserve to be mentioned. These tracks stand apart from the other entries on this list by featuring electronic tones. Each theme undergoes a change throughout the song, settling into very different moods. The theme embedded above, “Divine Beast Vah Medoh”, is quite calming and beautiful. “Divine Beast Vah Ruta” is also beautiful, but has a much more haunting and unsettling quality to it. “Divine Beast Vah Naboris” truly goes through a transformation from harsh piano chords at the beginning to one of my favorite melodies at the end. Finally, “Divine Beast Vah Rudania” settles into a steady beat with some power behind it, producing a rhythm you can really work to.

  5. 5. Kass’s Theme

    Short and sweet, this theme never fails to make me happy. Did you think you’d be hearing accordion when you clicked on this article? No? Well, here’s some accordion.

  6. 6. Prince Sidon’s Theme

    Another short track, “Prince Sidon’s Theme” fits perfectly for the most uplifting and optimistic character in the game. Just know that, whatever you’re doing, Prince Sidon will always believe in you.

  7. 7. Hyrule Castle

    I’ll admit, I haven’t actually entered Hyrule Castle in Breath of the Wild yet. However, this theme is too epic to leave off this list. The driving beat of the drums really pushes you onward in any endeavor, and the sudden, triumphant interludes based on the main theme of the series are truly inspiring. This is usually the song I put on when I really need to get some work done.

  8. 8. Farewell Hyrule King

    This song is really a mix/reimagining of other themes present in the series, but that doesn’t mean “Farewell Hyrule King” is any less emotional or powerful. Though undoubtedly sad, this song has some beautiful piano sections and a strong beat to propel you forward in your journey.

  9. 9. Dragon Roost Island

    The Legend of Zelda likes to use some unique instruments in its music. For example, tracks from The Wind Waker prominently feature pan flutes, and none more spectacularly than “Dragon Roost Island”. The flutes provide a whimsical quality to the music that pairs well with the upbeat nature of the song, creating a pleasant track to listen to (as long as you like pan flutes, of course).

  10. 10. Zelda’s Lullaby

    “Zelda’s Lullaby” can be found in many games throughout The Legend of Zelda series, and for good reason. This soothing melody instills a sense of peace in the listener. Since it's the main theme for the title character, how could I not include “Zelda’s Lullaby” on this list?

  11. 11. Ballad of the Goddess

    “Ballad of the Goddess” made its appearance in Skyward Sword in a fantastic way. This track sounds incredibly heroic and inspiring, and is perfect for finishing up the conclusion to an essay. Fun fact, the main theme for “Ballad of the Goddess” is “Zelda’s Lullaby” backwards.

  12. 12. Hidden Village

    “Hidden Village” is probably the strangest entry on this list. Were you surprised by the accordion earlier? How about something that could come straight from a spaghetti Western? “Hidden Village” is a welcome surprise when you encounter it in Twilight Princess and is any fun addition to a study playlist.

  13. 13. Midna’s Lament

    Like “Farewell Hyrule King”, this entry is full of melancholy but still has a steady beat to keep you going. The string section in the middle adds a particular beauty to this song.

  14. 14. Hyrule Field

    Hyrule Field is a classic location within The Legend of Zelda series, and so has had many themes. In my entirely biased opinion, the version from Twilight Princess is the best (this was the first game in the series that I played, and everything about it holds a very special place in my heart). The run in the middle of the song is particularly thrilling, but the themes for Hyrule/Termina Field in other games such as Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask definitely deserve recognition as well.

  15. 15. The Lost Woods/Saria’s Theme

    Originally from Ocarina of Time, “The Lost Woods” tends to show up in forest settings within the series. Eternally upbeat, this track can be a great boost to your mood. Or, if you’re looking for something more chill with a bit of an edge, try the Twilight Princess version.

  16. 16. Song of Storms

    This track is definitely a fan favorite. There’s just something about the “Song of Storms” that reminds you of being in a building rainstorm. There’s a really beautiful piano arrangement of this track that really exemplifies this feeling.

  17. 17. Gerudo Valley

    This is honestly one of my favorite songs in the series. “Gerudo Valley” has an incredibly driving beat that will keep you focused. The melody is easy to hum along to, and I’ve personally found it impossible to be in a bad mood while listening to it.

  18. 18. Temple of Time

    “Temple of Time” is another unique song on this list. Inspired from chants, this track is a soothing song for when you need to relax for a moment.

  19. 19. Deku Palace

    “Deku Palace” is an incredibly catchy song that you’ll probably find yourself humming for the rest of the day. Luckily, you probably won’t mind too much because it’s also a good song. Like most things that come from Majora’s Mask, it’s a bit weird, but in a charming way.

  20. 20. Great Fairy’s Fountain Theme

    Last but not least, “Great Fairy’s Fountain Theme” is incredibly beautiful. The harp at the beginning is truly spectacular, and it keeps building in magnificence from there. It’s gentle and soothing in the best way possible.

Even though this is an extensive list, there is plenty of other music out there to listen to while studying. Find what helps you get through this last stretch before the semester ends, whether that means listening to videogame soundtracks, sitting in silence, or even listening to people cut grass (whatever floats your boat). Good luck with the rest of the semester, everyone!


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