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This past break, my BFF and I went to the Strip in Las Vegas. When I told my family where I was going,  they made a face and asked me, “What can you even do in Vegas? You’re not 21.”  Well, besides lounging by the pool all day every day, there’s a lot you can do in the wild Sin City.  


The store is 4 levels tall and there’s a different activity you can do on each level!  From shopping to M&M personalization to an M&M movie, there is never a dull moment.  Every level has something different. With trinkets and apparel to a floor to ceiling wall with different flavors and types of M&M’s, it doesn’t matter whether you’re 8 or 18. Chocolate is the answer.  

New York, New York.

Not only can you walk around this GIANT hotel and people watch, but you can visit the Big Apple Arcade, ride the roller coaster, or visit the food court with *almost* authentic New York style pizza.

The CSI Experience

This one is probably my favorite aspect of Las Vegas. You’re given 1 crime to solve.  You have 5 suspects.  Can you figure out who killed your victim by the time your labs and forensics are in?  Not only do you feel apart of the simulation, but you also get a certificate and pictures when you’re done.  Needless to say, wearing a CSI: Las Vegas hat and sunglasses will make you feel like a complete badass.  

The Fountains of Bellagio

Even if you don’t go inside this majestic hotel, the water works are something you need to see.  Playing every 15 minutes, the water show is jaw-dropping.  Timed perfectly to classical music, a cell phone video or picture can not do them justice.  Just put your phone away and watch.

The Stratosphere

There are roller coasters on top of the friggin’ building.  I don’t know how much cooler anything could get. Standing at 1,150 ft., bungee jumping off the side is not something for the faint of heart.  

These are just a few ideas, but no matter where you go along the Strip there’s always something to do or see. Either watching a show, eating at the many restaurants, shopping at the stores, or even just watching the people in the casinos, you pretty much can’t not be entertained.

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