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15 Things To Get You Pumped For Fall

One of life’s bittersweet moments is the last day of summer. You’re excited for what the new school year will bring but your heart is heavy because all the fun adventures with your friends you experience in the summer are going to end. But have no fear, there are a lot of things to get ready for with the upcoming season. It’s no secret that Fall is an exciting season to many people and here are some of the best things that will have you begging for summer to end and for fall to appear at your front door.


1. Fall Fashion


​Fall Fashion can get anyone excited for the colder weather coming their way. With all the different accessories and layering that you can wear, you will not only be cozy, but you’ll look cute too.


2. Hot Chocolate

You no longer need to justify wanting hot cocoa all the time! It’s acceptable to drink this hot beverage wherever and whenever.


3. Pumpkins Are Coming Back

Pumpkin everything. Must I say more?


4. Halloween…YAY!

Arguably a favorite holiday for most, Halloween gives you the excuse to dress up AND pig out with your friends.


5. Turkey Day

Food, Food, Food. 


6. Fall TV is Here!

TV Series’ all seem to pop back up in the fall. We’ve waited all summer to find out what happens to our favorite characters and what their next big fallout is going to be. Anyone else excited for the new season of Stranger Things?


7. Cuff Season Is Upon Us

In case you are out of the loop with this phenomenon, you can find the definition here. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Cuffing%20Season


8. Stay-In Movie Nights

Movie nights are the perfect thing when it’s too cold to go outside and you want to snuggle up with your cutie this fall, or totally chick out with the girls. It’s always a reliable Friday night option when going out seems like more effort than it’s worth.


9. Football

Football is back! Let’s kick out the paint and get our game face on. Whether you’re playing the game or cheering out your heart for your team, it’s always a fun time.


10. Moody Filters Galore

Your Instagram theme is about to be popping.


11. Baking Yummy Fall Treats

You can take this as far as creating the yummiest unique treats to eat or buying those small little cartoon cookies in the cookie dough isle and eating too many. You know the ones. (; Either way, fall is a time for sweet eating.


12. Nightmares Coming Your Way… Haunted Houses Are Near.

The thrill of getting chased by a clown with your friends. What more could someone ask for?



Black, burgundy, mustard yellow, burnt orange, sparkly brown, etc. SO MANY COLORS.


14. Camping With The Pals

Lots of blankets, snuggled up by friends in the mountains and watching the stars? Sounds like a plan to me.


15. Socks. Because They Just Had To Be On The List

Socks. They are just so warm and cozy that they deserve the last and final spot on this list to get you excited for the upcoming season.


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