15 SpOoKy Songs to Add to Your Halloween Playlist RIGHT NOW!

October is heeeere! That means gathering your ghoulfriends, zomboys, and all other cool cadavers to your pumpkin patch party. You need some SpOoKy poppin' tunes, STAT. But it's already October, and you haven't gotten a playlist ready yet!! Never fear, I am here to give you all the best monstrous music your mummified heart could wish for. 

In this list (in no particular order) are some of the best Halloween Bops. If these sPoOkY tunes aren't on your Halloween playlist, is it even a Halloween playlist?! 

  1. 1. "The Monster Mash"

    Classic. Can it even be considered a Halloween party without this song?

  2. 2. "Spooky, Scary Skeletons"

    Good as a meme, good as music. This is practically guaranteed to bring a smile to your guests' faces. Also, it’s very sing-along-able. 

  3. 3. "This is Halloween"

    Scream it with me, folks: “THIS IS HALLOWEEN, THIS IS HALLOWEEN!”

  4. 4. "Remains of the Day"

    Another catchy tune from a Burton film. This one is especially fun because it tells a story throughout the song — it’s a good beat even for those who’ve never seen The Corpse Bride.

  5. 5. "Ghostbusters"

    You need some boppin’ beats. Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!

  6. 6. "Shia LaBeouf"

    This one is hilarious and weird. The premise of the song (I kid you not) is that Hollywood superstar Shia LaBeouf is a literal cannibal. The choir vocals add some intense ~vibes~ while the storyline of the song is hilarious.

  7. 7. "Magic Dance"

    You know what you need more of in your life? David Bowie. Here’s a good Halloween hit that you probably haven’t thought to add to your playlist. It’s perfect for Halloween — it’s got goblins, spells, and DAVID BOWIE. What else could you need? 

  8. 8. "The Addams Family Theme"

    Another classic. This one is sure to get people’s toes tapping and fingers snapping.

  9. 9. "Double Trouble"

    OHMYGOSH! I’m excited to share this one with you. "Double Trouble" is a gorgeous choir arrangement in Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban (which is one of my favorites for both the books and movies, I will fight you on it). It’s beautiful and soulful and PERFECT for Halloween. If you only add one song from this list to your playlist, make sure it's this one.

  10. 10. "Friends on the Other Side"

    With a spooky story and excellent beat, this song is perfect for your Halloween playlist.

  11. 11. "The Phantom of the Opera"

    You may not have thought of this for your Halloween playlist, but it’s an excellent song to add. Powerful, instantly recognizable, and very sing-along-able, this’ll be sure to kick your party up a notch.

  12. 12. "Somebody’s Watching Me"

    “...and I get no privacy!”

  13. 13. "Thriller"

    This is so classic, there’s really nothing more to be said. It could be a fun party idea to learn the dance with your guests! Just pull up Just Dance on YouTube for an easy-to-follow dance routine. 

  14. 14. "Scooby Doo Theme"

    Is this not on your playlist? Ruh-Roh! Get it on there pronto.

  15. 15. "Hotel California"

    Though not an obvious choice for a Halloween playlist, “Hotel California” has some pretty supernatural stuff goin’ on. “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”? Sounds pretty spooky.

Hopefully these terrifying tunes 'liven up' your undead party! Happy hauntings!