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15 Realizations While Re-Watching Grey’s Anatomy

It’s a beautiful day to re-watch all ten seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Maybe you’ve been a fan since day one, or maybe you watched ten seasons in one summer. Whatever the case, re-watching Meredith and Derek’s love story unfold is sure to cause more than one realization. Grey’s Anatomy isn’t just a TV show; it’s a religion.

1. Oh. I don’t hate Meredith Grey. I actually kind of love her.

At first I thought you were negative and whiney, now I realize I’m dark and twisty, too!

2. McDreamy and Mer’s love becomes nothing but a McDream… 

Using a picture from his end just wouldn’t do the man justice.


Calm down, homie- you had the most character growth and are everyone’s favorite character now. You just had a rough start.

4. I miss BA Bailey. Sassy-walking, back-talking, get the job done or die Bailey.


5. Seriously? It took THIS long for Meredith and Derek to somewhat work it out? 

“Let’s be extraordinary together instead of ordinary apart” *crying*


I do think you’re cute but I also think you’re weird for coming back as a tumor. 

7. McSteamy, you still McSteam my world. 

Sexy as fuh.

8. Callie *weird middle name* Torres. I forgot how much I used to hate you.

Well, when you hated on all of George’s friends because of your own insecurities it was quite peeving. Besides…

9. Callie O’Mally, you’re going to like girls better later. Trust me on this one.

Favorite couple. <3

10. George got ALL of the hot girls!

Meredith, Izzy, Lexi, etc. etc. Like, how?

11. Meredith Grey, how many times are you going to die?

Three times? Four?

12. I distinctly remember the shooting and the plane crash and yet I’m still a blubbering mess.

And now I’m going to post a crying selfie on my snapchat story captioned “Thanks a lot, Grey’s Anatomy.”

13. Okay why didn’t this series end a long time ago?

It’s a love-hate experience, OK?

14. Shonda Rhimes, I die a little along with each of your characters. 

You can say that again.

15. The life lessons still ring true, (and the many many irrational ways of dying I now fear.) Still, I wonder how the writers seem to come up with something significant at the end of each episode.

Plus, I fall in love with each new character introduced. 

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