13 Valentine's Dates in SLC

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so it is time to start thinking of what to do for that special someone. Now you could get a gift like chocolates and flowers which most anyone would appreciate, but I feel that going out and making memories with your loved one is far better than flowers that will be dead in a week. Utah is full of great memories waiting to happen, so here are some wonderful places and exciting things to do in Salt Lake City this Valentine's Day or any day really. 

Places to Eat

HSL- HSL is a trendy little restaurant a few blocks from downtown Salt Lake, and is a continuation of the restaurant Handle from Park City. Their food is an elegant twist on American cuisine, and is sourced locally. The interior design and food are both picture perfect, and the mood of the restaurant is ideal for any date. They do have higher prices, but their experience is definitely worth it.

Red Iguana- Red Iguana is one of Utah's most famous Mexican restaurants having been featured by Guy Ferrie in Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Red Iguana opened in 1985 and has been serving great food ever since. Red Iguana and Red Iguana 2 are located just west of the highway. There is usually a wait because of their popularity, so you have been warned.

Spitz- Spitz is a Mediterranean restaurant from Los Angeles that now has 3 locations in Utah. They have great pricing for fantastic food. The location is downtown salt lake has a great atmosphere where you can play games while enjoying your food and is perfect for a date.

Pretty Bird- Pretty Bird, located in downtown, is relatively new to Salt Lake but has made a major name for itself. The restaurant does a fried chicken, and does it insanely well. Their fried chicken sandwich is the best fried chicken sandwich, if not the best sandwich I have ever had. They have a scale system of how hot you can have your chicken. A word of warning: the hot packs quite a bunch, so I would go a level lower than you think you can handle then work your way up. They have a very upbeat lively atmosphere and average pricing.

The Pie Pizza- If you are from the Salt Lake area you have probably heard of the pie, and there is a reason it is so popular. They have some of the best pizza in the state for a fantastic price. The Pie is a great place for a date with a relaxed but energetic atmosphere and amazing pizza, salad and pasta. The pie is also in an excellent location for students being just a few feet off campus.

Doki Doki- For those of you who have more of a sweet tooth Doki Doki is perfect.  They are located across from the Salt Lake City Public Library and server all sorts of handcrafted drinks, rolled ice cream and yogurt, and the fluffiest crepes known to man. All of which comes at a great price and their cozy environment makes a great place to relax and enjoy spending time with people you care about.


Things to Do

Escape Room- Escape Rooms are a great way to have fun and test your compatibility and communication skills with someone. There are several escape rooms in the salt lake area including The Escape Key, Getout Games, Mystery Escape Room and Escape on 13th. Pricing is around 20-30 dollars, and each location has different experiences like being a CSI agent or a pirate or curing the zombie plague, and much more.

Scavenger Hunt- Scavenger hunts are great inexpensive ways to get to know the local zoo, aquarium or even the mall. Scavenger hunts are ideal for groups then splitting up into couples, and you can often find pre-made lists online that can range from testing your knowledge of animals or seeing who is willing to do the most embarrassing thing in public.

See a Movie- Going to see a movie is a classic, and is an easy conversation-starter afterward. Whether you are into the new superhero movie coming out on the big screen, want to watch an underrated sundance film, or just want to relax at home watching a classic on Netflix you can not go wrong. Salt Lake has some great movie theaters throughout the city so you can find the perfect show at the ideal location.

Ski Resorts- Utah is known for its snow, and it is practically a sin if you do not know how to ski or snowboard. If you are a beginner, Brighton or Park City ski resorts are a great start. Solitude is a mix of beginner and advanced runs. Then Alta and Snow Bird are great for those with a need for speed.

Arts and Crafts- Salt Lake is full of little crafty shops where you can learn a new skill. Sarinda's Art Studio you can create leaves from glass. At Color Me Mine located on Foothill, you can paint your ceramics from mugs to pandas. There are also several places to learn to paint one of which, Painting with a Twist, offers the option to drink while you paint making it quite the artsy party.

Museums- Salt Lake is full of museums ranging from natural history to art and everything in between. Muesuems are a relaxing but fun way to get to know more about your date, the world and maybe even yourself. Most museums are about $15 but often have student discounts.

Arcades- If you are a bit more competitive, then an arcade might be the perfect spot for you. Salt Lake City has several fun options, but some favorites are Dave & Buster's and the Quarters Arcade Bar. Arcades are a great place to have fun, and if you are careful, can be inexpensive. 

Salt Lake City is full of fun adventures waiting to happen you just have to look around. The main piece of advice I would offer when planning a date is to design the date so that it is something you enjoy and look forward to doing. I hope this list provides some ideas as to what to do this Valentine's Day but if you still need some help here are a few more lists...



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