13 Things Obama Does Better Than Trump

Let’s be honest. Having Donald Trump follow Obama as president is like going through a terrible breakup, except that you're replaced by an orange dumpster fire. Anyone who has survived the horror of 2016 and 2017 knows that seeing Trump on the news feels like you are losing yet another brain cell. But sometimes the best thing to do in your Trump-era gloom is to simply look at how normal life was before the toupee sporting carrot took over the White House (actually, this might make your political depression worse, but we are all going to die anyway so might as well).

Obama is better at:

1. Holding a Baby 

You know what they say: wisdom comes out of the mouth of babes. I honestly don’t know what’s worse. Trump’s scream or the babies’.​

2. Making Friends With Eagles

Yes, this is the universe telling America we royally fucked up. Omens do exist. ​

3. Meeting the Pope

If the Pope is not happy, nobody should be. ​

4. Looking Great on Vacation 

I mean, look at him.

5. The Simple Task of Handshakes

Most children learn how to properly shake a person’s hand at a young age. It would seem Trump is still confused about the process.​

6. Loving His Wife

Barack and Michelle: the ultimate power couple. Am I too old to be adopted? ​

7. Having a Healthy Relationship With His Kids

I am not really sure why we are still praising people for not objectifying their daughters (*cough cough* Trump), but thanks for not being a creep, President Obama.

8. Not Looking Like a Five-Year-Old Who Just Got a Bike

Crazy to think there is a raging dictator under that chummy smile.  ​

9. Having the Largest Inauguration Crowd

It was HUGE. The biggest inauguration in history...EVER.

10. Speaking

If there is one thing Trump is famous for (aside from being an ignorant racist), it his lack of any cognitive ability to articulate a single thought and his use of a miniscule vocabulary. ​

11. Being a Professional Public Figure


Unlike Trump’s midnight ravings on a social platform made for Vine jokes and depressed teenagers, Obama continues to use Twitter with dignity and grace—as any sane person would.

12. Condemning Nazis



13. Being a President 

And last, but definitely not least, there will never be another president like him.​

President Obama, we miss you.


The 54% 


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