11 Reasons Why You Need Trader Joe's in Your Life

Utah was lucky enough to have Trader Joe’s open its doors on November 30th, 2012. It was just the store Salt Lake needed, with college students taking over the city, an affordable grocery store with quality food and a good location was necessary. Trader Joe’really is geared towards any demographic which is what makes it so appealing. Here are 11 reasons why Trader Joe’s is the perfect place for college students and why you need it in your life. 


1. Trader Joe’s is trendy. Now that we finally have a Joe’s in Utah, it’s time to flaunt that paper bag and show the world that you are not only health conscious, but cheap. People automatically assume that you climb mountains and go on adventures, even though just walking to class is a daily struggle, but hey, they don’t have to know that. 


2. Trader Joe’s has cookie butter. It comes both in chunky and smooth variations and is about 10 times better than Nutella. It is literally made from crushed cookies. It makes everything in your fridge an adventure, much like hummus, so make sure you experiment, it’s good on EVERYTHING. 


3. The sample table never disappoints. From bread pudding, to pesto chicken pizza, to shredded pork, the samples are never subpar. You will honestly contemplate buying everything they hand out, even when you know you don’t need them. There’s also no judgement for returning three times, which is important. 


4. Food portions are fun size. As a college student it’s difficult buying food that isn’t for a family of four, so by purchasing your meals at Trader Joe’s you waste less because the portions are not overambitious.



5. Location, Location, Location. Trader Joe’s is located right on 400 S, so taking Trax is always an option for those “out-of-staters” without a car. Trader Joe's is located fairly close to campus, and the walk is totally doable as well. 



6. It’s cheap. Most items at Trader Joe’s are extremely affordable, sometimes even cheaper than generic grocery stores. You can walk out with $50 dollars’ worth of groceries that can last you up to 2 weeks. 





7. Meals are easy to prepare. Let’s be honest, cooking takes heart, soul, time, love and effort and as college students we don’t always possess those. The great thing about Trader Joe’s is that you can mix and match to create a meal that is not only healthy, but requires minimal effort. Their frozen meals are great paired with fresh veggies which makes staying full and staying on top of your studies effortless.






8. Cheaper organic food options. If you’re a student who is organically inclined but doesn't want to break the bank at Whole Foods, TJ’s is a great alternative. They sell many products that are GMO free as well as many organic items at a price that is affordable.







9. Joe Joe’s Cookies. If you’re an Oreo lover, you need to switch over. Not only are Joe Joe’s a healthier version of milk’s favorite cookie, but they come in a plethora of flavors too. The original Joe Joe cookie is made with real vanilla bean, but if you feel like being adventurous you can give their pumpkin cookie a shot. Keep an eye out for their peppermint version during Christmas with crushed candy canes or their gluten free cookie for all you Celiacs.  





10. The atmosphere is always pleasant. Unlike your local grocery store, TJ’s is filled with shining faces, and natural light. The design of the store is cheery and informal, displaying weekly recipes along with the items listed all in an organized stack. The employees’ are there to answer any questions concerning their products and are well informed.





11. Their sauces will make you feel gourmet. Having the right sauce can be a game-changer. Rice is just rice without Trader Joe’s Soyaki sauce, but with it is a whole new experience. Flavor is key when cooking, but as college students, going through the motions to buy garlic, onions, rosemary and basil can get expensive and excessive. With Trader Joe’s line of unbeatable sauces such as their Organic Sriracha & Roasted Garlic BBQ, their Green Dragon Hot Sauce, to their Satay Peanut Sauce and Habero Hot, making food that actually taste good is simple. 




Trader Joe’s is all about simplicity. Their products make cooking a lot more accessible, especially for those who are just learning to survive on their own. With prices that are basically unbeatable, why would you shop anywhere else?