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10 Ways You Can Enjoy the Winter

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

When it comes to the holiday season, its ideal to become the most-down-to-earth person to have ever graced the planet, because we all know Santa ain’t going to give you a dime for being a class-A B*tch.

So during this blessed time, a lot of things may pop into mind like “Oh I should decorate our Christmas Tree”, “I can’t wait to make gingerbread cookies!” or “GOD is FOR SURE testing me today”, “UGH, I have soo many presents to buy and I only have $4”, and the most relatable “Why is the weather SO DAMN COLD”

And with these beautiful thoughts in mind, one can only inquiry how to actually go about this festive season with some real genuine fun. So to help answer that desperate plea, we, here at Her Campus, have written up 10 superb ways to go about this cold December!

10 ways to enjoy this winter

1. Build a snow fort with your friends

You know what’s fun? Building a snow fort. Go out and invite your friends and get down and dirty with the snow. If you never have built a snow fort, you’re definitely missing out. Snow forts are great to chill in and mostly great for hiding from your responsibilities.

2. Christmas Caroling

With the holidays near, music is key to bust out. Like who wouldn’t enjoy some smooth Christmas jams? You definitely should go out and sing that Trey Songz Rendition of “All I want for Christmas” because we’re pretty sure your suburban neighbor, Sharon, would love some of that R&B loving. We also recommend that you invite some of your friends and go out and spread that Christmas cheer! Christmas caroling is LIT AF. You basically just go out and sing your lungs out to random citizens, and it basically fills their hearts with joy. So why not?


3. Hot chocolate Dates

Go and holla at that hot boy from your writing 2010 class and let him know how poppin’ you are, and how his fine assets need to take you on a date. And once you’ve done that, suggest walking around the city while getting some hot chocolate. With weather like this, it’s a given to do so.

4. Volunteering

This is the time to give and to appreciate all that you have. And with that in mind, it’s a great idea to go out and volunteer at soup kitchens and just donate to charities in general. To participate in things like these during the harsh cold winter and just being able to help the less fortunate is always a beautiful feeling to have. And if you are truly interested, below are some locations that would love an extra hand and places that are accepting donations:

  • Habitat for Humanity

Wrapping Christmas gifts doesn’t take much skill, but volunteers who participate in this simple task can help raise funds for local families to build affordable homes. Volunteers as young as 14 years old can serve at Provo Towne Centre Dec. 20-24. All proceeds donated will benefit Utah County families in need.

  • The Forgotten Patient Christmas Project

Spending Christmas Day in the hospital isn’t a happy prospect, but The Forgotten Patient Christmas Project has brightened hospital patients’ Christmases for 50 years. This service opportunity does require money, but rather than providing Christmas for an entire family, each volunteer sponsors one hospital patient. The patient comes up with a Christmas list and the volunteer buys one or more items on that list.

  • Sunset Crochet

Many newborn babies will be spending the Christmas season in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit, an experience that can’t be easy on the babies or their families. Sunset Family Living is hosting a 12 days of Christmas knitting project, asking anyone who’d like to volunteer to knit a hat for a baby every day for 12 days. When a volunteer signs up, they will receive an email with a knitting pattern every day throughout the project. Volunteers are asked to donate the preemie hats to the nearest NICU.

  • Symbii Home Health and Hospice

This volunteer opportunity doesn’t have to be time-consuming, and it’s also effective. Volunteers can work on their own time to make cards or blankets for Hospice patients then send them to Symbii Home Health and Hospice in Salt Lake City during the holidays.

  • Santa for Seniors

This St. George event is calling for volunteers to adopt seniors living in assisted-living homes and skilled-nursing communities Dec. 11. Volunteers are asked to buy a simple gift and spend a couple of hours with their adopted senior. For those who are unable to attend, they can participate in a “Secret Santa” event by dropping off a gift at a participating agency by Dec. 15.


5. Hiking   

Hiking is legit the most fun thing to do during the winter. It’s truly a challenge yet beautiful at the same time. So grab a bunch of pals and head up to a mountain and go acknowledge what we’re surrounded by.

6. Sledding

With snow on the ground, it’s a given to go sledding. Grab from friends and find a super big hill and go sledding! To even make it more fun, make it a competition. Try racing eachother down the hill and while doing-so try to switch sleds in mid process. Sled Jumping is Totes McGotes super exciting and super intense.


7. DIY decorations

Decorating during this season is also another given. Go out and collect pine cones and leaves and go make a wreath. And once you do, go Instagram that Sh*t. Let your followers know how artsy you are.


8. Create a winter nature journal

Create a journal with cute nature stuff in it. A winter nature journal to be exact. Fill it up with mistletoe and poems and cute lil’memories you have so far this season.


9. Engage in winter sports


10. Adding to yourself

This one is our favorite activity. During this December, focus on you. Focus on being a better person and do what makes you happy. Add life to yourself. Add Love to yourself. Add the little things that make you smile. That is what these last months of the year amount to anyways. 

So there you have it! 10 ways to enjoy this Winter! Now go out and enjoy!

Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor