10 Vines That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

To this day, I can still feel that same paralyzing fear in my heart when I think about that exact moment. My eyes widened, hands shook, and my mouth went dry at the mere thought of it. There was absolutely know way that what I was hearing was legitimate – they couldn’t just take it away, could they? It was as if they didn’t realize that I, along with millions of others, completely relied on it just to get through the day. 


Of course, I’m talking about the horrifying experience that we all can attest to when we talk about the shutting down of Vine (rip). They may have shut it down, they may have succeeded in removing it from the app store, but what they will never, ever get? They will never succeed in ripping it from our hearts. Why? Because legends never die.  In honor of Halloween, I think it’s critical that we look back at our Vine days – back when life was simply better. 

10. Because there's nothing more horrifying than a possessed Luigi coming for you. It's like he knows you always chose Princess Peach or Mario instead. Now, he's back for revenge. 

9. The time this girl farted and pretended that it was a ghost. What an iconic. Almost salty that I didn't think of that first.


8. Because we love a spooky sister. 

7. With this trap remix, even Michael Myers can throw it down. 

6. This one is me watching myself open up to anyone. 


5. This could make a fifty year old conservative woman giggle. 


4. This vine will forever live on - because she's adorable and we all love bats. 

3. Can you imagine trying to be funny and getting a baking sheet yeeted at you? 

2. The spookiest thing would be my friend catching these hands if they did that. 


1. This one doesn't even need an introduction. I know you're already singing the song in your head. Not to mention, I found an a hilarious trap remix to this song. You're welcome. 


These vines, while gone from the original platform, will never be gone from our hearts. Happy Halloween, fellow lovers of Vine. Girl, bye! 


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