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10 Things Baby-Faced College Students are Tired of Hearing

I’ve looked the same since I was 12 years old. Not like a little alike or the same hairstyle (trust me I go through some crazy hairstyles) but I legitly look like I’m 12. Which really is fine and I typically would think nothing of it… if it wasn’t for the constant reminder that I look so young.   

I’m talking RANDOM STRANGERS asking me how old I am. “Um, excuse me sir, I’m in the library to do homework, not to answer dumb personal questions.” I am so done with the unwanted attention that I made this list (with the help of some younger-faced friends who feel my pain) filled with things we “baby-faced” students are tired of hearing. 

1. “What grade are you in?” Grade. As in high school. As in, the fact that I’m on a college campus with a college textbook does not appear to register. Or if I’m out on the town with my friends and people ask me which high school I’m from. Sorry you missed the party, but I already graduated. 

2. “You are so cute.” This doesn’t sound bad, but bear with me: I don’t always want to be “cute.” I am a grown woman, sometimes I want to be seen as hot or sexy or mature. I am so much more than cute. 

3. “You’ll appreciate it when you’re older.” THANKS, BARBARA, BUT IS THAT GOING TO HELP ME NOW? If I had a nickel for everytime someone said this to me, I’d drop out of college and live the high life. 

4. “Oh you have time before you need to worry about [adult responsibility].” I’m sorry, did I miss the memo where it stated that my rent won’t be due because I look 12? I’m pretty sure that bills aren’t based on how you look but on the use of the product. I could be wrong, but regardless of how I look, I’m still an adult.   

5. “Prove it.” Being asked to prove how old you are because people don’t believe you is flat out rude. I’m not talking about being carded at a club or bar (which happens 110% of the time), but when some random person asks how old you are and then doesn’t believe you. Then they ask to see your driver’s license because you “have to prove it” to them! Oh hell no, I don’t think so.   

6. “It’s so cute when you swear.” First, there is the c word again. Second, are you out of your damn mind? Seriously, I’m not a child.If I swear and you call me cute or adorable, chances are you are just pissing me off more.  Under the same umbrella, “you’re cute when you’re angry” is also highly aggrivating. 

7. “You’re too innocent to understand.” Looking young does not mean that I’m ignorant or stupid or have a bobble-head. I am a senior in college and turns out the world doesn’t it care what you look like, it’s not going to keep life from you. 

8. “I can’t let you in to this explicit movie with seeing you ID.”  When family and friends YOUNGER than me are able to pass on by the ticket guy but I have to stop and show them ID, not only is it super embarrassing but it is also very frustrating. 

9. “I like younger looking girls.”  Ew ew ew ew ew ew. And yes, this happens more than it should. 

10. “You should wear makeup more often, it makes you look older.” I don’t wear makeup to please you, I wear it because it makes me look and feel pretty. Don’t tell me how to wear my face; I don’t tell you how to do up yours. 

It’s not easy having a young face, but maybe it really will be worth it when we’re all old and less wrinkly.  

I enjoy writing about varied topics, which is fueled from my love of talking to people.  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, my goldfish Buttercup, reading, painting, anything competitive, Star Wars and gaming.