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10 Reasons Why Collegiette’s Should Be Utah Proud

I’ll be the first to admit that the game of football makes absolutely no sense to me.  I spend the majority of my time socializing with almost everyone in the MUSS, and when the game gets too intense for conversation I head straight for the nachos. Just because I don’t understand the game doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE Utah Football. I love the fans, Swoop, the food, and everything that makes up the spirit of a Utah game day. As the 2015 Utah Football season continues collegiette should be filled with Utah pride. This is an exciting and historic season and here are ten reasons why:

1. You are a collegiette at a school that is ranked in the top 25.

2. You get to tell your friends back home that you go to your school’s football teams is a part of the top 25.

3. During homecoming week when ESPN Game Day came to campus and everyone camped out in Presidents Circle and had the time of their life.

4. You have an excuse to buy more Utah apparel.

5. Travis Wilson is basically a celebrity.

6. Bonding with strangers over Utah Football is priceless.

7. There is nothing better than celebrating a winning game at The Pie.

8. Screaming the fight song and storming the field reminds you how much you love college.

9. Posting a game day picture on Instagram is sure to get you tons of likes.

10. Win or lose, we are still ranked higher than BYU.

Whether you go to the game because you love to cheer in the MUSS or because you can’t get enough of those corndogs, you should be proud to be a University of Utah collegiette. 

Taylor Swift isn't a major so I guess Human Development and Family Studies will have to do. All I want in life is for T - Swift to know that we are BFF's, a closet full of Kate Spade, and an endless supply of Chick-Fil-A. Until I find a magic genie to grant my three wishes I'll stick with working for a non-profit, doing a ridiclious amount of online shopping, and being obsessed with my sorority. 
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